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  1. Wow... I just bought 'The Wall' movie on DVD, and I've just finished watching it, and I think im still spinning out. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever watched. It certainly puts light on a lot of parts of the album which have never made much sense to me before. And the 'Another Brick In The Wall pt 2' sequence with the kids in a prodution line... cool. Who else has seen it? What did you think?
    For anyone out there who likes the album, it is essential for you to watch the movie, it fills in all the gaps.
  2. Where have you been? The Wall is a classic movie, I wore out 2 vhs versions and the dvd was 1 of the first to hit my collection. I will concur though, if you haven't seen it and care anything at all about Pink Floyd, your missing out big time. Sidenote: Bob Geldof was a great choice to play pink, seeing that he was a well documented pink floyd hater.:D
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    I own it on Laserdisc. If my Laserdisc player ever gives up the ghost, I will have to buy the DVD.
  4. I like it a lot. It shed a lot more light on the album, plus it gave a great visual aspect to the theme of the story.
  5. Sure is, and I've been waiting to watch it for years, but it has never been on television and I've never found it on video. Thank god for DVD's! Now if Pink Floyd have any kind of sense, they will release a DVD of 'The Wall' live in concert. That would really be something else. I know they filmed it because I've seen tons of excerpts from it.
  6. Isn't The Wall Live available on vhs? If so it's probably out on dvd, or will be soon. There are quite a few Floyd videos out there, all great that I've seen!
  7. nooooo! it's hard to believe that i've a floyd quote in my signiture, but haven't even seen the wall... aaargh... pride disappearing...

    my mate keeps telling me to come and see it, but unless you want to smoke fifty-five fields of ganja, there's no point in going to his house...

    simon a
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    Did you know that if you listen to the Wizard of Oz soundtrack w/the Wall that the music is N*SYNC w/the video. :eek: :D :p

    Too bad N*SYNC
    isn't "N*SYNC"
    when they LIP*SYNC
    to their shows. LOL :D
  9. *sigh* - I think you mean 'dark side of the moon' ...

    This makes me feel old, considering that I first viewed that movie in the early 80's ... However still simply amazing!
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    Right! Insert "Dark Side of the Moon" into your CD player. Push play on your video source and when the lion roars for the third time, take off the pause on the CD player. Pretty good synch between movie and album. BTW, turn down the sound on the TV. Enjoy the trippy goodness.
  11. OK Nino, I put The "Wall" on one stereo and "The Wizard of Oz" soundtrack on another, and my N'Sync video is playing on the TV, but it doesn't sound very good. Should I drop acid now? :p
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    That's actually the most important part. Essential.
  13. Pink Floyd's The Wall is an amazing DVD. It showed what Roger Waters (I think) was thinking through the process of making the cd. The animation in The Wall is what I think the best part is. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.

    I think I'm going to go watch it...
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    I've seen The Wall so many times I actually know what it's about. :eek:
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    I remember sneaking into the theaters to watch the movie.
    I was under 17 and it was rated R.

    Good Times.

    One of my fave movies and albums, uh I mean cd.
  16. I've seen it about 10 times and I have no clue. It's something about fascism and Pink's hiding his identity behind the wall......or that's what I got out of it. :confused:
  17. I saw that for the first time last year, I bought it and me and one of my dogs watched it together. I was on Acid , he was on toliet water. After about five min, we were holding on to each other for dear life, scared to death both of us
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    Wow. Somebody dredged up a 2 1/2 year old thread.
  19. I used the search function :D :D
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    I managed to snag a couple of copies of Pink Floyd playing The Wall off of ebay. One is at the Nassau and the other is in England. The video is sketchy at times and the sound is decent, but the performance is outstanding. Pick one up of you get a chance.