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Pino is ON IT

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by sir juice, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. sir juice

    sir juice

    Sep 11, 2006
    London, England

    Pino & ?uestlove

    Nice combo:smug:
  2. PocketGroove82


    Oct 18, 2006
    Any one know of any new hiphop that has awesome live bass?
    Black girls think I'm weird for spinning that "oldass" album. lol.
  3. lambro


    Jun 1, 2004
    jazz hip hop...no thug content

  4. great stuff:)
  5. scottyg11


    Mar 12, 2006
    Jazz Mafia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way cool:hyper::hyper::hyper:

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