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Pino with the Who

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by corinpills, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. corinpills


    Nov 19, 2000
    Boston, MA
    Saw them last night in Boston and I have been a major who fan all my life and seen them many times. I know nobody wants to hear it and I don't want to say it, but Pino does not work well in the Who. He just does not drive the band at all, there's no fire in his playing and his tone does nothing to fill the void left by Entwistle. I'm a huge Pino fan, love his work from early in in Pete Townshend's solo career through his current work, so I am really befuddled by how much I do not enjoy him with the Who. He was clearly the man for the job, but what he has chosen to do with it is beyond me.

    By far, the highlights of the show last night overall were Entwistle soloing over 5:15 on the video screens and Keith Moon singing "Bellboy" in a similar fashion. Pete was very, very mellow on stage and let his brother Simon do most of the leads in Quadrophenia- not particularly well in sonm cases.
  2. I pretty much agree, also. Pino is a great, great player. BUT, his style and stage presence doesn't fit into that band. Remember now, I'm definitely not taking anything away from his skills (which he has in spades, BTW). He just doesn't have that "larger than life" presence on the stage. Sorry......
  3. ack

    ack Why Can't We All Get Along?

    Nov 19, 2006
    Somewhere near Raleigh
    I saw them Tuesday night in DC, and I agree - 5:15 was epic because of that solo - even Pino was watching.
  4. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    I saw the Who with Pino a few years back, I dug what Pino brought to the band, he didn't try and copy Entwistle, he brought a different groove to the songs. I thought the whole band sounded great, I saw the original band, I thought they were great then and thought they still kicked ass 40 years later.
  5. esa372

    esa372 Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2010
    Los Angeles, CA
    That is solidly true - it just doesn't work.

    I completely disagree.

    I have always been baffled by the decision to give him Ox's place.

  6. mcm


    Oct 2, 2007
    Nashville, TN
    Totally agree. He doesn't have the attack or attitude.
  7. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Pino got chosen because they needed someone to learn a 2+ hour set list in a very very short time. I kind of hear what you guys are saying, but I've always enjoyed Pino in the Who for the exact reason that he's not trying to be Entwistle.
  8. Tanner5382


    Sep 26, 2010
    Canton, GA
    Gotta disagree with the OP. Saw them here in Atlanta and thought Pino did great. Like Jimmy said, he's not trying to be Entwistle. Aside from that, Pino was just playing some outstanding bass, period.
  9. Here's a sample:

    Check 1:50
    Judge for yourself.
    Big shoes to fill.

  10. WoodyG3


    May 6, 2003
    Colorado, USA
    The Who doesn't exist anymore. When Keith died, the band was no more. The current group is simply a new one, and Pino happens to be the guy playing bass in this new band.
  11. ShoeManiac


    Jan 19, 2006
    New Jersey


    Pino was stepping into a bass gig that would be very difficult for anyone. And I think he's doing the right thing because he isn't trying to mimic John Entwistles style. To do so would just reflect poorly on everyone: Pino, Townshend, Daltrey and Entwistles memory.
  12. esa372

    esa372 Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2010
    Los Angeles, CA
  13. SleepingMikkel


    Dec 10, 2011
    I think if Pino tried to cop what John had brought to the band, we'd consider him a ripoff. He is an amazing player and in almost everything he's been a part of has been greatly complimented by his style and tone, but here he's just a session guy getting some rumble going. A highly respect session guy, just trying to get some rumble going. Theres an entirely new feel to most of the songs, where there was a fiery drive, now its mellow groove.
  14. The Lurker

    The Lurker

    Aug 16, 2002
    The proverbial "That's not The Who, it's just Who's Left..."
  15. rapidfirerob

    rapidfirerob Fusion rules!

    I like what Pino did in his solo section in My Generation. Of course we all miss Entwistle. I'll see them on Feb. 1 in Oakland and see what's what!
  16. bigswifty1


    Dec 8, 2011
    Geez harsh op. imagine getting the call for that gig!

    I saw them with Pino and thought they were fabulous. Different, yes, but not worse.
  17. corinpills


    Nov 19, 2000
    Boston, MA
    Let me just reiterate that I really like Pino a lot and have been following him for years. In fact, my problem might be more of a tone issue than a playing issue. I mean, I am genuinely perplexed to see one of my favorite players who has such a history of awesomeness with Pete Townsend and just feel that it's kid of lame. There's just a mighty roar missing in the e fine room of the Who and Pete's playing and tone are a lot more refined and restrained than in the past (less wrong notes, so good for him), plus Roger singing so much more smoothly, the whole thing has just gotten a lot less edgy over the years. Why, it almost sounds like a bunch of rock stars in their late 60s with various health issues playing with a backing band of session guys.
  18. GregC

    GregC Johnny and Joe Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 19, 2007
    I agree with this and yet--I still don't dig this incarnation of the band. I saw the Quadrophenia tour in the late 90s and loved it, and I think Zak does a great job on the drums. But the Super Bowl show just left me cold. I think Pino is an utterly fantastic player. But the way the Who sound now just convinces me that Entwistle is utterly irreplaceable.
  19. capcom


    Mar 23, 2005
    After Keith and John passed away, The Who became "The Two".
  20. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Yeah, well I'd love to put them in a time capsule and bring back Ox and Keith and make Pete and Roger 26 again. But it ain't happening, folks...two guys are dead, two guys are senior citizens now, and they have every legal right to go out as The Who. And you have every right to sit your ass at home and not go see them.