Pirastro NOS String ID help

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  1. Can anyone help me ID these Pirastro orchestral strings ?

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  2. The second one is a Flexocor, and the silk color will tell the tone:
    G - brown
    D - red
    A- black
    E - green
    The third one looks like a very old Flexocor E.
    As for the first pic, it's the first time I see these jackets.
    You may forward it to Adrian Muller at Pirastro. ([email protected])
  3. Thanks, yes I thought flexocor but not sure about the silk at ball end purple or brown. The other confusing thing is the green silk at the leg box end as the ball shows it as an A string. Perhaps they didn’t always have that system of different colours for each tone?
  4. Please explain exactly how the string is colored.
    The photo doesn’t show much the silk at the ball end.
    Are you saying it’s green at the peg and black at the ball?
    What is embossed on the ball?
    I see O which means it’s orchestra tuning.
    The numeral on the other side will help ID the tone.
    If IV as I think, then it’s an Ultra-Sensitive Wondertone E string.
    The ancestor of the now discontinued Chromcors.
  5. Thanks yes the third one is purple at the ball end and has O and 3
    The peg end is green
    The one in the green Flexocor packet Is brown and also has o and 3 on the ball
    The first ones are a mystery it seems ?
    They are pristine condition but must be quite old!
  6. Oh, then I don’t know what it is, sorry.
    The 3 and green silk don’t match the Pirastro color pattern of today.
    Brown the the peg end?
    Pirastro uses silk color at the peg end for tone ID, and at the ball end for type (Flexocor, Permenent, etc.).