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Pirastro Permanents

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Vunz, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Anyone has any experience with these strings in a jazz setting? Up till now I use Kolstein Varicors, which I like very much, but I have some reliability problems with them, i.e. the windings seem to come loose. Are the Permanents in any way comparable to the sound and playability of the Varicors?

    Any comment is appreciated.

  2. In my experience they're brighter and more metallic.
    Do you have the Varicors loose core problem on all four strings?
    Did you put them on and off several times?
  3. No, I did not take them off. The problem is visible on the E string above the nut (no, the nut is not too tight: I checked) and on the G-string around the A flat in first position. Maybe I bumped my bass which caused the G-string problem, I don't know. I do know, however, that the original set had two broken strings right out of the package, for which Lemur promptly sent a replacement. That is why I am hesitant to order a new set (or rather two: one for my acoustic and one for my EUB). But I do love the sound and playability of the Varicors, hence my dillemma.

  4. Pirastros are definitely higher quality in craftmanship, IMHO, but I don't want to deny Barrie's work. I had a few problems with Varicors too, in the past years.
    That's why I'm waiting to be able to buy a single Heritage (the new perlon core bass string from Kolstein) string before I spend $150 on a whole set.
    I'd say: go on and buy a set of Permanents!
  5. Thanks for your reply, François. I think I will buy a set to try out.

  6. Vunz

    Could you let us know your result of the set of Permanents?
    I might consider to try Permanents E and A in the near future too.

    Bangkok, Thailand
  7. Chasarms

    Chasarms Casual Observer Supporting Member

    May 24, 2001
    Saint Louis, MO USA
    IMO, those strings are smoother but brighter than varicors. My teacher recently tried them on his very old dark bass. Even with it, they where quite bright. Not really harsh but very bright.
  8. Thanx for your comment, Chasarms! Well, I guess I will find out for myself if I like them, since I just ordered a set. If I do like them (and of course I will let you all know my impressions), I will also get a set for my EUB (a Fichter that now sports Thomastik Weichs).

    Thanks again!

  9. On my EUB, the Permanent A sounds quite good, but the D&G are a bit bright and somewhat tense. (the E rattles on the FB)
    I've settled on a mix of Flexocor '92s right now (med E and D, thin A and solo G), but have three G strings on order.
    The G string is the one I've most troubled with. (to get a warm tone)
    I've ordered Sensicore, Dominant and Eurosonic Gs.
    (already tried the Obligato but it sounded really bright and nasal)
  10. Today I have put a set of Permanents on my bass, and I have to say, I am very pleasantly surprised! François has told me that these strings are somewhat bright, but compared to the Kolstein Varicors that were on my bass previously they are very smooth on my bass. Pizz seems a little bit less loud, and the strings seem to be a littles less tension, but nothing crucial. I like the tone very much, just as the arco tone. That tone is brighter than the Kolsteins, but at the same time more refined. I yet have to hear how they will sound when they are settled in, but I like them already.

    A happy costumer,

  11. Great, Vincent!
    Do you plan to get another set for your EUB? :)

    I'm presently experimenting a new bridge I made for my Carruthers EUB.
    Used an old AUB bridge to do it.
    The tone has opened a lot!
    For the E and A, I've settled on Flexocor thick gauge.
    For the D I have an Original Flat-chrome on, but I don't know if it'll stay there.
    I'll try the three G's that are coming in the mail soon, and the D will be selected to match it.
  12. I think I will get another set for my Fichter! BTW thanx for persuading me to order the Permanents, François. And please keep us informed of your string experiments. I always find them very valuable.

  13. Vincent

    I am so glad to hear your result on Permanent.
    However, you mentioned the experience with Corelli.

    Could you kindly compare your permanent with corelli in any aspects?

  14. I got the Eurosonic G last friday.
    It didn't stay on the bass very long...
    The tone was thin, and there was a strange "wave" modulating the envelope of the sound, making it sound false or something...

    Yesterday I got the Sensicore and Dominant.

    I put the Sensicore first.
    I had a second-hand Sensicore G a few years ago, and it seems they completely modified the design of that string!
    The old one was thick, completely dead, and the outer wrap was cheap.
    The new one is thin, like a steel G, and craftmanship seems excellent.
    It's very easy to play and sounds quite good so far.
    Warm singing tone.
    Obligatos fans should give a close look to Sensicores! (it uses a perlon core too)
    The Obligatos sound awful on my EUB; clear and nasal.
    This sensicore string is far better.

    I don't know when I'll try the Dominant.
    I also asked Pirasto to send me a Pizzicato nylon-wrapped G for trial.

    On last resort, good old Flexocor '92 G will be put back...
  15. Oh boy, you really have a lot of string experience under your belt! Is it just curiosity that makes you try out all these strings or is the "ultimate" string yet to be found by you? Anyway, I am glad you do all this - I learn a lot from it - and I hope you ultimately will find your string!

  16. The Corelli's are very fine strings - I used them for about 5 years or so - although I find them somewhat thin (in diameter) and too quiet played pizz. Don't even think about doing an all-acoustic gig with them (I used the 370F. The 370TX is supposed to be much louder)! They bowed fine, but I like my arco on the Permanents far better.

  17. JAS


    Jul 3, 2001
    How much do the Sensicores sell for? What is the tension like? The Obligatos have been too thumpy on my bass lately. I put a brand new set on and they don't sound great. What is the thickness of the sensicores like compared to the Obligatos?
  18. I've recently tested a Sensicore G.
    At Quinn Violins, an Obligato set sells for $98.26, and a sensicore set for $144.
    The Sensicore G I tried was thinner than an Obligato, was very easy to play, with a clear but warm singing tone.
    Craftmanship seemed much better than the Obligato.
    I can't comment on the other strings of the set, but based on the G, they should be great!

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