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Pirastro Pizzicato "WOW"

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by powermans, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. I make no bones about my love of Pirastro Strings and use Obligatos on my Full size and Jazzers on my 3/4. This week I received a sample set of their Pirastro "Pizzicato" Gut /Silver strings and although it's early days... Only been on the full size for 48 hours I must say that they have appeared to have bed in lovely and, what has really knocked me out is the Acoustic sound that I'm getting after amplified. This has always been the problem ie:- Acoustically the strings sound "Natural"as they should however, soon as we increase to a level of volume above the Acoustic stage we all but loose the acoustic sound.at least, that's the problem I have experienced in the past. The Pizzicato's appear to hold the Acoustic sound of the bass at volume. As I said early days yet , I will be submitting a review on these strings after a solid month of playing. however, just maybe Pirastro have gone one better than Obligatos and Jazzers!!!

    For those interested ( Francois) Pirastro Info Sheet states:- (Quote)

    "New String Technology for Double Bass "
    These newly designed gut strings are for musicians playing mainly pizzicato.We have developed a specific technology which results in excellent pizzicato sound properties and an outstanding playability. Its core is made from selected gut, which is wound with a silver plated copper wire or with nylon.The smooth surface of the strings results in an excellent feel.Pizzicato strings enable the player to produce a brilliant and powerful tone, longest possible sustain,at the same time allowing flexibility.The projection is such that even in a live jammimg session the Double Bass keeps up with the other instruments.As opposed to common opinion these gut strings stay well in tune and have a long durability.The light tension and the evenness across the stings allows the instrument to swing naturally so that it can develop its own beautiful sound.Thus the player gains an increased volume,greater modulation and more brilliance without harshness. (unquote)
  2. I asked for a free sample of the nylon wound G.
    Unfortunately I didn't like it. The round nylon wrap was very noisy.
    Maybe the silver is better though. (but I'm not investigating furthermore with them)
  3. JAS


    Jul 3, 2001
    How do they bow? Powermans, are you using the nylon wraped or silver?
  4. Sorry to hear your opinion on the Nylon "G" Francois, I suppose it's "Horses for Courses". Do I sense a little attitude problem with Pirastro in your closing sentence ?
    Jas,Silver wrapped, and because I play 95% Pizz I would not like to offer an opinion on Bowing, I would rather leave that answer for someone with the knowledge to give you a valid reply.
  5. powermans, thanks for the info, are these strings flat wound? I think I noted that the Pirastro description included a "smooth surface," so I'm guessing flat. The roundwound Lenzners, for example, just didn't work for me.

    I look forward to your future comments. Thanks.
  6. Au contraire!
    I'm a fan of Pirastro strings!
    Most of the time I play a full set of Pirastros, mixed set.
    I just meant that I won't go further with these Pizzicatos strings.
    I have a full set of Eudoxas here, but I don't like them. (they have a sticky feeling under the fingers that I don't like, although they're a great string.
  7. Adrian Cho

    Adrian Cho Supporting Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    Ottawa, Canada
    I thought the Pizzicatos were OK myself (I still have the sample set they sent me) but I think any of the Eudoxas, Olivs, and Chordas are better - which is why I am using a mixed set of all three. The Chorda G is much nicer (and a heck of a lot more bowable too) than the nylon-wound Pizzicato G.

    The Pizzicatos BTW are quite roundwound in my opinion. Certainly more round than the Olivs or Eudoxas.
  8. Giacomo,
    Roundwound, and Francois, Interesting your commment on the Eudoxas and the sticky feeling, I had my first full nights playing last night on the Pizzicatos and I noted the same problem after 30 minutes into the first set, infact, as I got into some fast moving licks I could feel a definite braking sensation under the fingers.... I did counter act this problem by applying a coat of "Finger Ease"to the board! Still an interesting side effect! Otherwise, the strings sounded great!!!
  9. You want to sell those Eudoxa's that you don't like?
  10. No.
    Furthermore, they've been trimmed and wouldn't fit your bass.
  11. sas


    Nov 8, 2002
    Vienna, Austria
    Curious: I finally got around to installing the sample set they sent me almost a year ago. All silver wrap (no nylon), but I fail to detect any particular "round-wound". Smooth silver windings (the package is hysterically emphasizing its silver protection).

    They somehow feel and sound like "Stark" Obligatos would if they existed, with a little less sustain, especially in the higher register. Arco thus far (only put them on today) is surprisingly pleasant for a dedicated pizz string, but oddly sounds like Obligatos with a really heavy mute over the bridge.

    Maybe I should withhold judgment until they're "broken in" (or at least stay in tune).

    greets from Vienna
  12. Adrian Cho

    Adrian Cho Supporting Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    Ottawa, Canada
    Well maybe not true round windings but certainly more roundwound-like than Olivs, Eudoxas, or the new Compas 180, all which I have on basses at the moment and I just compared them to the Pizzicatos. The Pizzicato windings are just not as smooth and to me they feel a bit like other roundwounds I've tried.
  13. Do the silver-wound Pizzicato G make a "zzzzz" when you shift your left hand fingers on it?
    I have a replacement Oliv G string coming in (the windings of the previous were beginning to open) from Pirastro, and I asked them for a sample of the silver-wound G. (I didn't like the nylon-wound G)
  14. Adrian Cho

    Adrian Cho Supporting Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    Ottawa, Canada
    Just a little bit.
  15. Thanks Adrian.
    Does it also have the sticky feel of the Eudoxa, which is also silver-wound?
    Is there something to do about this sticky thing?
    I've emailed Pirastro about this issue, among other things, but I'm not sure I'll get a clear reply...

    The Oliv is so far my favorite, but I have a problem with it:
    The string is quite long (in comparison to an Eudoxa, which fits nicely on my EUB), and it also stretches a lot. The G string tuning peg gets filled with windings and I don't want to overlap them.
    I noticed the Eudoxas and Olivs both use a ball with a hole.
    I was wondering if I could mount the Oliv G in a loop fashion through the ball's hole... (may seem crazy, I know...)
    I asked the question to Pirastro too, but they don't always reply to emails.
    Do you have comments on this?

    Best regards,
  16. Adrian Cho

    Adrian Cho Supporting Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    Ottawa, Canada

    Right now I have a mixed set of Olivs and Eudoxas on my bass (and the Chorda G). I have used the Oliv G, Oliv D, Oliv A and Eudoxa A and Eudoxa E. Although I do find the windings on the Eudoxas to be just a little bit less smooth (trying to find the best way to describe this), I generally find them on par and don't find either to be sticky.

    So let me get this right, you want to pull the Oliv G through the ball's hole so that there is less length in the pegbox?

    One thing I find weird is that the Oliv A (as opposed to the Eudoxa A) does not have a ball but just has the knot of gut at the tailpiece end like the Chorda strings all do.

    Technically the Pizzicatos would not be roundwound but basically I do find the windings more obvious and less smooth than either Olivs or Eudoxas and this seems to come out too in the sound which is brighter and has a longer sustain than either Olivs or Eudoxas.
  17. Francois...I'm old and set in my ways, so I VERY seldom make any changes in my set-up....especially strings.
    I just wanted to tell you that it's really nice to have you around on TBDB. Your expertise and experience with bass strings is, I think, one of our most important contributions by any one, single person......Thanks!
  18. Right!
    Any comment?
    In that case, I'll probably dislike it.
    The Eudoxa G is already almost too bright for my taste, the Oliv being my favorite!
    Thanks again,
  19. Hi Paul, and thanks a lot for the kind words.
    It's always a pleasure to get this kind of feedback, and particularly when it comes from a "veteran" ;) like you!

    Best regards,

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    The Olive is my favorite G as well. I have played the Olive/Eudoxa combo, and I don't notice a whole lot of difference in feel. I do know that I like the sound of the Olives better. They don't have as much metal in them as the Eudoxas. A little thicker in tone, and not as bright. I wouldn't recommend using the hole . I think you would be putting too much pressure on the string. Try cutting the string at the peg end if there is too much.