Pitch bending effects

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  1. besides the digitech whammy are there any other pedals that make the same kind of effect that work on bass?
  2. i would love to find a good pitch shifting device similiar to the whammy. The last two re-issues of the whammy are terrible and the danelectro is useless. I tried the boss unit out for a very short period of time but didnt really get a good feel for it especially since it didnt have the expression pedal.
  3. so there's nothing? whats the whammy like on the BP200?
  4. nevermind, I just read what you said in the other post.

    whats the Whammy 2 like?
  5. dont know but i havent really heard many complaints about the whammy II BASS or the Original whammy but they are hard to find and very expensive (200-300 for the bass one, 300-400+ for the guitar one).... check ebay but if you bid against me (cjs2112) i breaka you face and blow upa you car.
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    Jun 8, 2001
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    The Boss GT-6B has a pitch bend effect - it works quite well IMO!