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  1. Tell me everything I need to know about the Pittsburgh area!

    I'm considering relocating to the area next spring and want to know all I can. It looks like I'll be teaching Secondary Music for a bit and possibly going off to grad school thereafter. Tell me about:
    • The Neighborhoods
    • The Schools
    • Carnegie Mellon's music dept.
    • The Jazz/Funk and rock scenes
    • Good teachers
    • Good music stores
    • Anything else of value
    I'm from the Cleveland area, if that's of value in comarison, but I've been living in Florida for 5 years. Please help me get an idea of what I can expect and help my wife and I make a good decision!
  2. I lived in Pgh from 89-00. For recordings, check out Eide's records. For guitars and basses, the guys at Pittsburgh Guitars are cool. They're on Carson Street in the southside, which has decent coffeehouses/bars/restaurants.
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    Pittsburgh also has a rich jazz history. As for living, most of the nicer places are in the 'burbs but the downtown area is coming back to life. Mt. Washington isn't a bad area, either.
  4. The history's good; how's the current scene?
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    Leave all your crappy old Browns stuff in the garbage, and buy yourself a Terrible Towel. :)

  6. Sorry to see that you'll be leaving us in Florida. I moved here from Pittsburgh in 1986. While I can't really say anything about the scene, I can echo that the suburbs are great places to live. It's just such a cool city and sometimes I wish I could go back.

    Good luck to ya.
  7. I don't know what kind of reaction this will elicit, but I really couldn't care less about major league sports :ninja:

    I did, however, see the Indians' first home opener at the Jake.
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    That is not a problem at all. I was just trying to save you some grief if you happened to be a big Browns fan. Good way to get yourself beat up is to walk around Pittsburgh wearing anything with the Browns logo on it. :D

  9. Thanks for the wishes. It's still 8 months away, but we've never considered ourselves Floridians. I came down here for a college I wound up hating and, two years later, dragged my then fiance down to attend said college. She transferred out in time, I wasn't so lucky.

    Anyway, come December, she graduates and we are no longer "tied" to Florida. I'll finish up my year of teaching and consider moving to a place with four seasons. Varying factors made Pittsburgh a top contender.

    ********Any teachers in the Pittsburgh area?***********