Pity party!

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  1. Hurt my arm 5 weeks ago at work. Been off work since I did it! Been getting knocked around the wonderful workmans comp process. So I have been pretty miserable cause I cant lift anything with my right arm. But I was still able to play bass and actually accomplished a few things musically in the past 5 weeks. Oraganized a acoustic community jam www.facebook.com/auroraspickninthepark . And I also am a founding member of a roots band that started 2 weeks back. My first band! Playing music I love!

    Ok now the pity party. So I have been off 5 weeks have seen 4 doctors 2 of them being elbow specialist. And today they finale figured out what was wrong. After a MRI they have learned that I have completely torn the tendon that holds the bicep to the elbow! So I need an extensive surgery followed by 3 to 4 months rehab. I am just crushed! Not only does it kill or at least delay the band thing but it ends all bass playing for a long time! Ruins my vacation I leave for tonight. And I am almost useless around the house and with my three kids 6, 4 and 10 months! Not to mention the side effects he told me about from loss of feeling to loss of use!
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    No way to slice it, that's rough! This is inspirational to me-Bill Clements lost his right arm in an industrial accident and he managed to find a way to play, and amazingly besides! Hang in there, man-pulling for you! You'll bounce back!
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    Hang in there. For yourself and family....
    The long term health and use if the arm is more important than picking
    Up a bass right now....+ this could give you some time to check out some new and/or different music and players....many times by just listening and not trying to automatically pick up a bass and learn it....by just listening ...I have grown as a musician
    And you will be that much more eager to play when you are physically able to do so
    Good luck bro!
  4. Thanks guys I will. Just blue about it.