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pizz strings

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by oldtime girl, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Well after reading lots of string threads, I'm still confused. I have an old German plywood bass, play pizz ONLY. I have Helicore med pizz strings now, one of which broke the other day (over a year old). So I want strings with not much sustain and a good warm tone. I like the Helicores Ok, but seems like my choices are more of those, the Pirastro Innovations, or a mixed gut, wrapped gut set up. I play alot outdoors at festivals, etc, so I'm not sure guts would hold up very well as far as tuning, maintenance, etc. It would be nice to try lots of different set ups, unfortunately the pocketbook won't allow it. I apologize if it seems this is a repeated thread, but most people seem to want strings for bowing also, but I don't. ANy suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.
  2. Innovations strings are made by Innovation Strings, UK.
    Maybe you wanted to say Pirastro Obligatos?
    Both strings use a synthetic core.
    In my experience, Innovations are thicker and stiffer, and the quality seemed quite inferior to Pirastros.
    Innovations are offered in full core (140H), braided core (140B) and rockabilly. (flat black nylon tape over braided core, methinks)
    Obligatos are available in orchestra and solo-tuning.
    I don't like the tone of Obligatos, but other people like it.

    Helicores are available in orchestral, hybrid and pizz types.
    The orchestral is the warmer of the three, but also the stiffer, due to dampening material between the core and outer wrap.
    The hybrid is only marginally warmer than the pizz.

    Barrie Kolstein is releasing his new Heritage perlon core (synthetic), but they have not been evaluated by a large number of players at this moment.

    There is unfortunately no magic answer to your quest, IMHO.
  3. ArenW

    ArenW Supporting Member

    Jan 14, 2004
    Churubusco, IN
    I just put a set of Pirastro Obligatos on my bass(1951 Kay-plywood) about a month ago and have been real happy with them. I play mainly pizz but have been trying to bow more as of late, and had Helicores on before I tried the Pirastros. The Pirastros have more of the "old timey" sound, which is what I have been into. They really do resopond to the bow alot better too. However they seem to be stiffer than the the Helicores, but if comfort isnt a huge issue, your fingers get used to them pretty quick. You also have to love the price!

    I dont know if this is any help but good luck.
  4. justBrian


    Apr 19, 2002
    Surprise, AZ
    I have some Thomastik SuperFlexibles on mine. Great for pizz-- not so great for arco. I like them quite a bit. Got 'em from www.southweststrings.com for $92 delivered.

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