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    Nov 24, 2011
    I'm working on a Warmoth PJ project. It's on a J body. Problem is, I really don't like the look of a P Bass pickguard, and I'd much rather have a J Bass pickguard (with a P pickup cutout instead of the J). I looked around on Google, but came up empty handed. Any idea where I could find one and/or have one made? Thanks.
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    Aug 11, 2009
    It's best if you have a Jazz pickguard to have copied. But most custom pickguard places have templates for standard Jazz pickguards if they fit. (I say that because I've had a number of pickguards made for my SX basses and they don't even fit each other! Each needs to be exactly copied)

    So I did a conversion on a Squier special 5er P/J. These come with two jazz pickups so it's sort of your problem. It went like this:

    I put white artist tape over the pickup area on the old pickguard. I marked where the strings came across the pickguard. Then I took the pickguard and placed my P-bass 5 string pickups (split set) on the pickguard so the strings were in the right place with respect to the poles and marked around them onto the tape to show where I wanted the pickup to go.

    I hauled the old pickguard to Pickguardian.com (local to me, but their are a number of places that do this. Pickguard Heaven or something like that is another one) and said I want a new pickguard in tort like this, but with the cutout for a P pickup as shown. Tony said, "no problem, and I've got a template for a Fender 5 string P-bass pickup cutout I can use." I came back later and had a perfect tort P-bass pickguard in my hand. I temporarily mounted the new pickguard and drew through the pickup hole what wood would have to be removed in a "bathtub" rout under the guard for the pickup (old rout was for a jazz pickup). [Note that the P-bass pickup is a bit lower in the guard than the location of a J neck pickup]

    I did the rout and even though it's a p-bass guard and not a jazz you can see how it turned out. Great!


    It looks as if the strings aren't quite lined up with the poles, but it's just because the bass was shot at a slight angle. If you look straight down on it they are perfect!