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  1. Hello boys,
    I would like to try a new wiring for my next PJ bass:

    Highway One body, Allparts maple neck, Aguilar AG 4P/J-HC pickups.

    I would like to install a 3way mini switch with Vol Vol Tone.
    The switch will do: PJ serie - PJ parallel - P

    In P simple mode, I lose a tone sucking pot from the signal chain, and i think it will allows me to have a real and pure P sound.

    Is it a good idea? Where can i find a wiring like this?

    Thanks! :bassist:
  2. Use series/north coil/parallel wiring, and treat the P pickup as the north coil.

  3. Thanks,
    i already have this, but i don't know how to put wires on the volume pots.
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    What are the value of your pots? (If there was actually tone sucking happening, and it were my bass, I would want to address is in all applications, not just one position.)

    There are two things you might consider. You can use 500K pots, and that will open up the top end. Or you could have a no-load tone control, which when fully open, effectively takes itself out of the circuit.

    One question I have is, why do you consider that to be a real and pure P sound? Just curious. It seems to me that the "P sound" originated with the P bass, which has those tone sucking pots as part of the sound.
  5. If you want two volume pots, the switching will be more complex than what can be done with a DPDT mini toggle switch.

    It is possible using a DP3T switch. This will take the form of a 4DPT On-On-On switch. The P pickup's negative phase lead will go to one common, and the J pickup's positive phase lead will go to the other. Then for series mode, each pole's throw for that position will go together. For parallel mode, the positive phase lead will go to the bridge pickup's input on its volume pot, and the negative phase lead will go to ground. For soloing the P pickup, the negative phase lead will go to ground, and the positive phase lead can either be grounded or left open.

    No you don't. The pot is still in the circuit. Trying to remove it for series and P-only mode will require more poles of switching than listed above.
  6. Thanks line6man! Do you have a diagram for this, i don't really understand all :)

    BlueTalon: pots value will be 250k, i already have a no load tone pot on my JB but i don't think i will buy another for this PJ. A real pure P sound... it's just a supposition, maybe with a Vol vol tone, and with the J volume down you have a "normal" P sound, but there is always the 250k volume J pot between... With the switch, and in P simple position, the J will be isolated from the circuit, no?
  7. I can draw one.

    Nope, traditional series/parallel switching leaves all pots in the circuit. If you want the J pickup's volume pot removed from the circuit, you need a pole on your switch to do it. But now you've exceeded the limit of how many poles can fit on a mini toggle switch with three positions.

    If you want to do this, you will need a rotary toggle switch. Because of the way that mini toggle switches work, you would have needed five poles, but with a rotary toggle, only three will be used, so any four pole switch with a minimum of three positions will work. You may have a hard time finding a three position switch, however, so perhaps you should add options for the extra positions.

    Another solution: Why not leave the ground off of the J pickup's volume pot?
  8. Ok thank you.
    I think i will stand with a traditionnal push pull volume pot and serie/parallel.

    Thanks you guys for your help, brain wash is over :)