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PJB Breifcase alternative/competition

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassteban, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. A friend & fellow bassplayer is obsessed(his words)w/the idea of a battery-powered amp. I have skimmed through some old threads on the Breifcase; there doesn't seem to be a lot of info regarding battery-powered use. Also, at 100 watts, it doesn't seem to me that it would be capable of competing w/much in the way of other instruments. My friend would like to be able to pack a small combo out to a camp fire or similar setting & not get hammered by the g*****s. Is this feasible(w/the PJB)? I'd really like to hear some first-hand experiences. Thanks!:D
    BTW, the Crate Taxi is pretty much useless for this application, isn't it?
  2. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    Why rule out the Crate Taxi? I've seen bass players in the NYC subway busking with it and it seems to work just fine.
  3. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    If you want to DIY, look for a full range class-d car amp.
    Class-d will have good efficiency for better battery life.

    If you're not looking for that much power, the crate taxi is a good amp and seems to be popular.
  4. I guess I'm going on my general experience w/Crate, which has left me unimpressed. I had not been able to find any reviews of the Taxi, so your(& Seamonkey's) input is much appreciated.:)
  5. Never tried the Taxi, but I do own and use regularly the Pignose Hog 30. Plays well with guitars. Great battery life. It may not be better sounding vs. the PJ, but it is cheaper and while at the cottage, cheaper means less stress over damaging the unit.
  6. GSRLessard14

    GSRLessard14 All-Things-Claypool Enthusiast

    Jun 23, 2005
    Newington, CT
    I want a briefcase. Too much for too little though, kinda.
  7. I'm looking into this for a friend, who has actually used this amp, & he is, to put it very mildly, dissatisfied(no offense, mind you:) - I have no experience w/Pignose). I'm really after actual experiences w/the PJB, as powered w/a battery. Thank you for the input, though.:D

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