PJB love: working from home and making kids happy

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    Dec 7, 2017
    Dayton, TN
    I’m sitting here in my bass room listening to a webinar on COVID-19 through the aux input of my PJB Session 77. The sound quality is fantastic through two 7’s, with a range topping out at 20KHz through a 3” high frequency speaker. It is serving as an excellent monitor for educational videos and Zoom conferencing with family/friends. I even scratched out a deeply flawed but otherwise high-fidelity blues lick with my kids’ student guitar. It has served as my church gig amp through the PA since I purchased it used in January for a very reasonable price, and it served as an emergency preamp through my Shuttle’s fx loop when the Genz Benz pre had issues at my last loud gig. And it weighs 28 lbs. The only downside: it is partially covered in rat fur.

    Just sharing my impressions if anyone is looking for a very clean-sounding, versatile little practice amp in this new dark age of live performance. Don’t look for mine to be on the block anytime soon. This and my P Bass will be the last two things to go if a sell off is necessary.

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  2. lug

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    Feb 11, 2005
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    My wife wanted a simple radio for the kitchen. One $11 FM receiver from amazon and my Double 4...Voila'!
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    Apr 1, 2013
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    Bruiser Stone, congrats on falling in love with a great combo amp. PBJ's reputation as a competent piece of well-built equipment is well-deserved. Like lug, I also own a Double Four and appreciate what it is. With that, if you're ever interested, stop by the Combo Club, with your pic, and I'll be honored to give you a membership number. We're a combo-loving bunch that includes a few PBJ owners as well. Like you, with lots of Zoom meetings and webinars, it's nice to take a break and enjoy quality equipment.
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