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Placement of P-pup important?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jock, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Im thinking of having a Jazz bass modded to a P+J bass. If the routing is to fit under a J-pickguard the P-pickup ends up a bit closer to the neck than on a real P-bass. How much and how would this affect the sound?
    My other option is to buy a J-pickguard from Warmoth where the P-pickup is located in the right position. In that case the routing can not be hidden under a J-pickguard if I would like to return to a J+J config later.
  2. Why not get a new body? If it's a good jazz bass, definitely don't mess around with it.

    Other than that, yes, pickup placing changes do make a significant difference to the sound.

    And finally, if in doubt, don't do it.

    I speak from painful personal experience.
  3. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    A new body from Warmoth is my third, but also most expensive, alternative.
    But in that case I wont mess with the bassĀ“ resale value. Its a MIJ 75RI BTW.
  4. I wasn't thinking of the resale value. A bass is a composite of parts. If it works, it's a good bass. Change one, and you CAN screw up something good.

    Here's an '83 Squier JV P bass that was excellent that I screwed up PJing.

  5. Pickup placement is very important to the sound... the more it goes toward the neck, the closer it gets to the center of the string's length, where the string has a wider movement.

    therefore the sound will have more lows and less mids

    if the pickup is in the rear, near the end of the string.. the string will have narrower movement, and produce more mids and highs.

    then there's ofcourse the so-called " hot spot ", where the string's movement is an optimum mix of lows and mids. good example is the pedulla rapture and the musicman stingray.
  6. I'm still kicking around the idea of PJ'ing my Essex jazz. I'm still not sure if I will or not, but I really like the way it would look. You don't often see PJs with jazz bodies.
  7. jock


    Jun 7, 2000
    Stockholm, Sweden
    They look really nice! And I cant live without that Pbass sound.
  8. That's true as far as it goes, but what's often forgotten is that the relation of the pickup to the center of the string *changes every time you go to a different fret.* So a PU that's supposedly at some kind of hot spot when you hit an open E no longer is at the same relative location if you fret that same string at, say, the 7th fret.
  9. The Lowest

    The Lowest

    May 17, 2002
    New Jersey
    Jock, IMHO...DON'T mess with your Jazz. Wait until you can get a Precision...adding the Jazz pickup to that is a more practical solution, or get one of the models that come with that confuguration.

    You can still get the original Precision sound from the P Bass that way, but if you modify the Jazz, you CAN'T get the original Jazz sound.
  10. funkfish

    funkfish Guest

    Jun 20, 2002
    U.S., Princeton, NJ
    ugh! sadowskies! so ugly!
  11. CaracasBass


    Jun 16, 2001
    Madrid, Spain


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