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Planet Waves Deluxe Leather strap

Discussion in 'For Sale: Strings and Accessories' started by Orpheus55, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Very lightly used Planet Waves burgundy strap in excellent condition. $25 shipped CONUS. Paypal only. These were going for $64.00 at MF before they were apparently discontinued (see below for specs)

    "Extra-wide, extra-padded, leather guitar straps in classic colors. The Planet Waves Deluxe Padded Leather Guitar Strap is crafted from genuine garment leather to be ultra-thick. The extra padding between the plies creates one of the most comfortable and gorgeous guitar straps you can buy. The strap's 3" width also adds to your guitar-playing comfort. The deluxe padded strap will make you not want to put down your guitar, and certainly not due to shoulder fatigue. The Planet Waves deluxe guitar strap is made with an exclusive tapered contour that prevents twisting when used with acoustic guitars—and it's an equally functional friend of your electric guitar. The weave-through adjustable tail (also in colored leather) allows you to get your guitar in just the right position. The deluxe Planet Wave strap's body is also 4" longer than standard guitar straps, giving you more support where you need it most. Dimensions: 3" W x 44" to 52-1/2" L.


  2. Price reduction to $29. Good deal on a very nice strap. Does not need straplocks to stay secure.
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  4. PMs answered; still available
  5. Waiting on a possible buyer; still up.
  6. marcinski


    Jun 21, 2006
    chicago, ill

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