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Planning College Senior Recital

Discussion in 'Music [DB]' started by Darth_Linux, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Darth_Linux


    Oct 12, 2002
    Spokane, WA
    Hi folks

    I'm planning my college senior rectial program, and I'm thinking of doing 4 sonatas/concertos, one each from Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary eras. The recital is an hour, so if each piece is 15 minutes, then I have time for 4.

    I've got a little list here of possiblilites, and would love to hear some input regarding difficulty and how good the music really is. Obviously some of the solos for DB are more about flash and technique than others, and i'd like to stick with things that are challenging yet still very musical and emotive.

    BAROQUE era
    Eccles - sonata in G
    Bach - D maj or G maj (Gamba) sonatas
    Vivaldi - any of 6 sonatas or 3 concertos
    Galliard - sonata in F
    de Fesch - sonata in G
    Telemann - Gamba sonata

    Mozart - bassoon concerto
    Dittersdorf - concerto 1 or 2
    Handel - sonatas in C, Gm or D
    Beethoven - sonata in G
    Pichl - concerto
    Sperger - sonata in D
    Hoffmeister - concerto 1 or 2
    Michael Haydn - sonata

    Bottesini - concerto(s)
    Gliere - intermezzo/prelude/scherzo
    Misek - sonata #2
    Debussy - Le Plus en lente
    Schubert - Arpeggione sonata or Am sonata

    Persechetti - Parable for Double Bass
    Hindemith - sonata for DB
    Koussevitzky - concerto
    Rabbath - Iberique Penisular or Voyage
    Bloch - Prayer
    Proto - anything really

    thanks in advance for sharing your experiences or recommendations
  2. Dondi


    May 3, 2003
    Here goes nuthin' (let the finger bleeding begin!)

    1. Bach solo cello suite #1

    2. Dragonetti Conterto

    3. Rossini's duetto. Drag in a cellist, this
    one's is a crowd pleaser. Sorry its not
    Romantic era, but theres not much out there.

    4. Hindemith's sonata

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