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Planning on selling my BTB405...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jordan Luff, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. It's been almost seven months since I've had my Ibanez BTB405, and I've loved it ever since my parents opened the box on Christmas.
    However, lately, I've noticed some little problems here and there. The action isn't what I would like it to be and it rattles a lot on most of the strings. I have to press down really hard for the strings not to rattle or buzz, and this is with the strings set low. I guess that's mainly it...I'd just like a higher end version of my BTB.
    Anyway, what I want to do is sell it, then buy one of the older model BTB515's. Anybody think this is a good or bad idea? They're only $499 (a hundred less than the 405). Still, I'm not sure how much I could sell my 405 for. It has a couple bumps and scratches on the top side and back, and some "gloss scratches" from my using a pick sometimes.
    Should I take it to GC to get an appraisal? After that, where should I sell it? eBay, GC, or even here?

    Positive and negative feedback appreciated...
  2. Get an appraisal, but do not sell it at GC. If you're lucky, they'll give you $100 for it. Ebay is a good place to sell it quick, and the TB classifieds if you want to sell it to someone you trust. TB classifieds are pretty slow, most of the time.

    I'm not an Ibanez fan, so I can't tell you what is good, and what isn't. Usually, you can try to sell a used bass for about 75% of what you paid for it, depending on the condition. Sometimes you can get away with more if it is in pristine condition. If it is well played, and maybe a little beat up, well... you get the idea.

    If you aren't happy with the 405, you might not want to get a cheaper bass. If you want something better, you're gonna have to shell out some cash on top of what you get from selling the 405.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  3. Well, the 515's are really not cheaper. Musician's Friend are only selling it for so cheap because they've recently received the newer model BTB51x and 100x's with Bartolini pickups. Kind of a clearance thing, ya know? Before that, the 515's were around $800. Definately not cheaper. :D But I do understand what you're saying.

    I guess I'll try to sell it here for a week or two, then eBay. Thanks!
  4. snyderz


    Aug 20, 2000
    AZ mountains
    You might want to sell it on harmonycentral or bassgear.com, since you have described your bass here as having a rattle, buzz, kind of dinged up, and pick scratched. Don't know if you'd get many takers here. :)
  5. Balor


    Sep 24, 2000
    Montréal, Québec
    I did sell my BTB406 for the same reason, buzzing and rattling strings all over the place. According to my luthier, the fretboard was not strait. If you like that bass, don't sell it! Have a profesionnal level and dress your fretboard. You have much less to loose this way.

    take care
  6. I should point out that the rattling and buzzing isn't that bad...it's not to the point I would spend over several hundred to replace it.

    Anybody who owns a BTB40x knows what I'm talking about :p

    Balor, I think I may take your advice before trying to sell it.
  7. Balor


    Sep 24, 2000
    Montréal, Québec
    I guess this is one of the major differences between the 40x, 51x and 100x series... fretboard leveling and dressing. At half or less of the price of it's bigger siblings, the BTB40x is bound to have some short comings in workmanship at lest!
  8. How much did it cost to level and dress your fretboard?

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