plastic bridge?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by Bob Gollihur, Oct 22, 2001.

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    Never seen one of these:

    I won't put it down since I've never seen/heard one. I'm all for alternative materials IF they are a good thing.

    Of course I also missed the advent of Fiberglas double basses, though sadly did have a white plastic sousaphone inflicted upon me. I rebelled and carried a brass one despite its extra weight. I still feel that familiar ache in the shoulder on cool and windy Fall days.
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    Looks like someone bit. Maybe we should copy their e-mail and drop 'em a line in about a week to see how they like it.

    This could turn out to be a stunning detective case :)
  3. Here is some info on this bridge.
    I spent the $42 and bought one off of EBay.

    Here is the info from the seller.
    The bridge is made out of 20% glass fiber filled ABS an engineering polymer,
    designed and built by C F Plastics, Hillsboro OR.

    My review as installed on a $440 Crumbora DB.

    Great, my cheap bass loves plastic. :D
    The 2 centimeters I lost in height is a great improvement. Harmonics I could never get to ring properly ring very clean now, the tone in general is a lot cleaner sounding. It helped to reduce the tension in the strings but I am guessing that is from the bridge height. The feet "swivel" so there is no fitting to the top, another plus for me. The only thing I can see as a possible down side is the fact that the string grooves are wider than on my wood bridge. Playing Arco or Pizz I haven't noticed any problems.
    So far so good, I have only had it on for two days so I will post any updates.

  4. Hey Gruff
    I am thinking of getting one of those for my aluminum bass. I am looking for a bridge that really kills transmition to the table. Do you think this bridge would be worth a try? Also, are you familiar with the K&K bass max? Will one fit on this bridge?
  5. I am not sure about the bass max, the bridge is almost a clone of the wood one I took off so I am guessing it would fit. As far as cutting the tone I doubt it, mine made my junk bass brighter and the volume increased. I don't think the projection volume got better but the whole bass seems to resonate more. I would think your aluminum bass is already pretty bright sounding. They are only about $40 on Ebay which isn't a big cost. It may transfer most of the sound into the bass than out of the bass.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'll get one and see how it works.
  7. . I installed it on my aluminum (not good) and one of my plywoods. (still not good) So overall I say its not good. The bridge made my K&K sound like a Fishman. Also, they give you 3 sets of feet for height adj. None of them were high enough. Oh and the string spacings (pre cut) were spread out from edge of board to edge of board. Wierd. My wife said it made my bass sound like a childs toy.
  8. Guess that sums up how crappy my Cremora DB really is.