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Plastic buttons scratching up bass - possible solution... HELP

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by bass349, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Howdy!

    Alright, a little bit off topic, but it IS performance related :smug:

    I play in a corporate/wedding band, and usually wear a button up shirt with a suit waistcoat over the top - either paired with suit pants or jeans, depending on whether we need to look respectable or not..

    The problem is that i noticed the buttons of the waistcoat are putting scratches in the back of my bass.. buckle rash for all us guys who wear their basses too high!

    Sooo... i had a chat to my mum about this (mothers are always good for such conversations) and she said that i should be able to buy soft rubber buttons that wouldn't scratch up my bass - which i thought was a fantastic idea! thanks mum!

    However, my girfriend was in Spotlight the other day (isn't it wonderful to have all these supportive people in your life!) and she had a look for some, but to no avail. Apparently the lady in the store hadn't even heard of them.. so i'm kinda back to square one - i know these buttons exist because my mum had some, but they were too small. The problem is i can't find them anywhere. I've also checked the net.

    Basically i'm asking for any help/suggestions/ideas on the matter...



    ps. i've also considered putting some kind of a laminate/contact on the back of my bass.. but i'm not too sure about that idea..
  2. I remember reading about a laminate designed for your exact needs - try a search in the basses forum.
    Otherwise.. keep search for the rubber buttons!

    ..You could always just turn up in a pair of jeans and a teeshirt, though! ;)
  3. hahaha well, that wouldn't impress the ladies now would it!

    thanks for the heads up with the laminate thing - i'll go have a look for it in the basses forum..

    however.. the search for the rubber button continues...

  4. jsbach1982


    Feb 11, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    I know that back in the day, it was fashionable for sport coats/blazers to have leather-covered buttons, especially if they were tweed or corduroy. No idea whether that particular trend made it out to Oz, but it might be worth a look, if just for the buttons themselves. See attached pic for an example.


    Attached Files:

  5. BuffaloMO


    May 26, 2005
    Land of OZ
    How about a GuitarBra?

    From their site:
    "GuitarBras are Great! They really allow you to rock out without having to worry about the beautiful finish on your favorite guitar. The easiest way to describe GuitarBras are that they are like the static cling reminder on your windshield for your next oil change, but GuitarBras are more than 5 times thicker than those. Virtually Indestructible under normal playwear."

    Sounds like it would work, I plan on getting one. :D
  6. what a great idea!! with international shipping at an insignificant $2.. it looks like this maybe the winner!

    thanks for the link :)
  7. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    What color is the bass? I've thought about a sheet of vinyl like a sticker for the back of mine, completely cover it when I was doing a lot of fancy button-up type gigs. Alas, I have scratches to show that I never followed through.
  8. it's a yamaha bb1500a red wine burst..

    but i don't think it would matter too much what colour you would use - as long as it doesn't clash! I mean - it's pretty hard to see the back of the bass when playing, eh? I was thinking (before i saw that guitarbra thing) of using some black contact - like the stuff you cover text books with. I wasn't sure about how hard it sticks though, or whether i would be able to get it off!

    yeah i'm definately thinking about that guitarbra thing.. really does look like quite a viable option.


    edit.. ahh grammar...

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