Play midi problem in Cubase SX

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by badboy1984, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. badboy1984


    Mar 27, 2007
    United Kingdom
    Here is my equipment for recording:

    Edirol MA-7A stereo micro monitor hook up on to Novation 2/4.

    and i use Cubase SX for recording.

    I cna record my bass and guitar without a problem and play back sound really clear as well. But when i import a midi track to cubase and try play the sample, it have no sound but it shows the track is playing with lots of input.

    I try changing the VST , midi settings etc but still can't get it work. Must be some kind of setting that i can't find.

    Anyone encounter the same problem that can help me?
  2. Nick Kay

    Nick Kay Guest

    Jul 26, 2007
    Toronto, Ontario
    Make sure that you have the MIDI track routed to a VSTi (not any regular VST plugin!) and the VSTi has its main outs routed to the master bus (either through an additional audio track, or directly) from the instrument rack.