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Played 2 pre CBS's yesterday

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by tallguybcs, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. First off, Ive never even *seen* anything like this before in person. I stopped by the local GC, and in the boutique room was a 1960 P and a 1964 J. Both were bursts, and were beat. Major relicing going on.

    There were no bass amps in the room, so I didnt plug in, nor did I want to (both priced around $4500 :eek:) THe J had major chips in the fretboard, didnt effect playing, but was very noticeable to the eye.

    Neither did anything for me, except visually. I mean, they both played fine, but not great, and CERTAINLY not $4500 great.

    Now I just love my MIM J more then ever, couldnt tell any difference, and is about $4200 cheaper:D
  2. Not all old Fenders were wonderful, but some of them were absolutely magic. I've played a 64 J and a 61 J belonging to friends, and they were both beyond anything you could buy today. At the same time I tried another friend's Sadowsky, and to be honest, the Fenders left it for dead.
  3. My junior high school had an old 60's Fender J-Bass that was amazing. I loved it, but the strings were so bad that I didn't get the full effect of the bass.

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