Played 2013 AVRI '74 Jazz & Vintera 70's Jazz yesterday

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    Jun 13, 2013
    Yesterday I went I to try out some Jazz basses with 70’s spacing, someone’s videos here of a USA Geddy had me gassing for a 70’s Jazz.

    I was lucky enough to try both of these basses side by side. Both were very nice basses and set up quite well. Fit & finish is the same as my American Pro jazz. Tone was way different. The AVRI felt to have a smaller body but I doubt it was actually smaller. The necks were nearly identical between the 2, very comfy, deep but still thin jazz width necks. Both thicker front to back but similar profile to the Pro. I’m not a fan of binding, but the necks were nice enough that I could make an exception. The fingerboard material didn’t feel or look great on either but to me that doesn’t matter so much. They were very smooth an easy to play basses.

    I can say I'm not gassing for an AVRI any longer, or maybe I should try one with the 64's, but the '74 just didn't do it for me in the tone department. The Vintera is quite a nice buy for the price, I was surprised, especially the neck. Very smooth and blind test...I doubt I would be able to tell the difference between the AVRI and the Vintera in terms of feel. The pickups in the Vintera sounded better to my ear, but maybe it could have been just the strings.

    I didn’t come home with either but the Vintera was tempting me, much more than the AVRI.
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    Jul 17, 2004

    I bet I know who that someone is!! :D
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