Played 5 basses today

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Blacksheep, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Blacksheep

    Blacksheep Destroyobot

    Sep 7, 2006
    Manitoba, Canada
    I will give mini reviews:

    Warwick Corvette Proline 4 String - Holy batman, what a neck. Strangely comfortable for a subtle baseball bat. The tone was very standard bass, but lacked the output for a sufficient growl.Felt and looked very nice though, but still not worth 1600 bucks.

    Fender American Jazz Bass Standard 5 String - VERY VERY unimpressed by this bass. It had 1 boring tone. Floppy b string, uncomfortable neck, and a low output as well. The bass just had no life, nothing special. PLain old black and white, boring white bread bass, with a generic tone. Yawwwwnnnn.

    Specto ReBop 5 DLX - Very very impressed. With a 1500 price tag, I was expect alot. And it delivered much more than the Warwick. The pickups were so damn powerful, compared to a Stingray, it was twice as loud and had a full rich sound. Absolutly what I like. My only turn-offs were the neck and the fact that it was a 5. The necks edges just didnt feel natural; they felt sort of sever and jagged. Though this thing tapped like butter.

    MM Stingray 4 Rosewood Fretless - My first fretless ever played, and it was fun. Unlined fingerboard, but it had the side dots at the standard intervals. I found it pretty easy, and this thing sounded great. It really only had two possible tones that sounded good with the fretless, so I would never drop 1300 bucks on it, but it was fun. very nice neck, I'd like to stick one on a J body for my dream fretless.

    Squier Aged Fretless blah blah, the Jaco Copy One - Didnt plug this one in, just picked it up for fun. And well, neck was simply awful. It had the quality every cheap neck has to make it feel more expensive. it was very fake and unatural. The fingerboard finish was simply disgusting, ruined the whole feel. I put it down after 2 minutes. It was deffinately not for me.

    Did you play any basses today?:bassist:
  2. GM60466


    May 20, 2006
    Land of Lakland
  3. SurrenderMonkey


    Aug 18, 2006
    the Proline is not your typical Corvette (or warwick). It's mapple body, and sounds more generic. I tried one and was equally uninspired. I loved the $$ though, if you get the chance. Pikcups might feel oddly placed, but I didn't had too much problems adapting (even when popping). The FNA Jazzman would be one to try as well.

    I like the Spectors I tried too.
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