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Played a couple of Fodera's yesterday...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Mike Flynn, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. It was a weird coincidence yesterday at the freindly neighbourhood bass store in London - http://www.thebassgallery.com/ - as myself and fellow UK TBer David B turned up to check a few bits out and there, but just as we were arriving two guys were carrying out a cab into their car outside. Squeezing into the shop, it's damn packed with basses and amps, Alex (the top guy who runs the shop) say "Oh you just missed a couple of beautiful Fodera's - a Yin Yang and a Monarch" - the basses belonged to the guys who were loading the cabs into their car. I've been showing Alex a few double-thumping things as he's trying to get it together and obviously these are the basses for that style - but fortunately when he asked if I could try their basses the guys were more than happy to oblige - plus we had Matt Garrison's Epiphani rig - a 510 head into a 2x12!!! - and I have to say the resulting sound was ridiculously powerful, the TONE was gargantuan!

    My thoughts on the basses themselves - the Monarch had a spalted maple top, which was stunning, and the Yin Yang was also very beautiful - were that the build and wood choice were exceptional, plus the electronics were in a different league to most other instruments (though I'm sure cooking up a similar frequency range is possible if you have the ways and means) - but I have to say playability-wise I didn't find them that amazing, though I'm sure if they were set up properly for me then I'd be in bass-heaven! The fact these instruments still retail in UK money at about 4000 pounds it still scare the crap out of me thinking about spending that much money - on anything - apart from a house - but it was great to finally get a chance to plug in two of these monsters and feel and hear them properly - the sound was just awesome - and that is the one reason I'd want to own one.

    The best/worst part was Alex, being the lovely guy he is, says "Yeah, Mike's pretty wicked at the Wooten slap thing, it's really impressive" then I had 6 people crowding round me for a demo - on a bass that wasn't at all set up for me - it was nice but a little embarrassing too ;)

  2. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    Yes, it was a treat to see some great basses played so well! :cool:

    (I'm just glad that I wasn't asked to follow you! ;) )
  3. Ho guys....
    you're damn lucky!! I wish I were you... lol
    Would love to try too!