played a Geddy Lee Jazz through an AMPEG 100w - 15" COMBO!!!

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  1. the GL Jazz i already brought up in BASSES.

    but, this little Ampeg COMBO was THE BEST SOUNDING amp with the GL Jazz in the store!

    i didn't try any rack mount Ampegs.

    Tried a couple of GK racks and other combos.

    but this Ampeg was SWEET!!!!


    oh, and the GL Jazz is one of the nicest Fenders i've played.

    guess i prefer thin necks.


  2. Slater

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    Apr 17, 2000
    The Great Lakes State
    Looks like a BA115, one of my favorite sounding combos, but a 100 watt combo just doesn't suit my needs, so I never bought one.
  3. wouldn't suit my needs either.

    hence my qsc/aggie/bergie setup.

    but i tell ya, if i needed a small combo, the BA115 would be it!

  4. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
    curious, what is the diff. between a geddy lee and a mim jazz?

    badass bridge? diff. wood?

    just curious, i play a mim jazz with a badass bridge and i am very happy (but the geddy lee looks much cooler!)
  5. i had a MIM Jazz that i overhauled with EMGs and a BadAssII.

    the MIM was not even in the same LEAGUE as the GL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hated that MIM...and with upgrades, i spent nearly $200 MORE on it than the GL would cost out the door!

    some noticeable diffs between the MIM and GL:

    1. fit & finish: the GL blows away the MIM in this area. tight neck joints, superior setup, beauty of a finish!

    2. neck profile: the GL is thinner than the typical Jazz. my pref.

    3. pickups: again, great setup, low noise...GORGEOUS "J" tone!!!!!

    i couldn't stop playing the thing!

    the sales guys laughed when i apologized for hogging it...they were also amazed at how good it sounded. (!)

    i'm really strugglin NOT to go back there at lunch today!!!!!!!!

    hmmmmmmmm...GC 30 day return!!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmmmmm....

    could try it out at band practice thursday night.


    should i?!?!?!?

  6. Fred,
    Try a Lakland Joe Osborn Jazz with the Lindey Fralin pickups, talk about "nailing it", this ones is great. Everyone that picks mine up just says ''whoa" without even playing it yet. Then, they play it. :D

    And I can tell you, the Skylines are pretty awesome too. I go to the Lakland shop several times a year since I'm only 50 miles away, and they are well worth the money too. In fact I'm supposed to pick up my Bob Glaub P-bass this Saturday.

    (quick right turn) did you ever try the new bridged setting on your qsc? I think you were going to try cranking it up all the way and adjusting down on your pre. (o.k. straightened back out) whew...
  7. yeah the Lakland looks great.

    BUT, my another issue here is price.

    the GL can be had for $584.

    less than a third of the price of a JO used.

    my intent is just to have a great sounding/playing J as cheaply as possible.

    thanks for the thought though. information is POWER!

  8. Right Arm.
    Just so you know the Skylines are not much more or about the same as a Fender. Email Dan Lakin or check out say the Dudepit. Your price for the Geddy is great too. Have fun