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Played a Mesa Boogie M-Pulse Venture combo

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tightbidness, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. I was fortunate to play through the 2x10 combo yesterday and was impressed. With the Semi Parametric EQ bypassed the sound was smooth and tube-y with a nice weight to each note. The compression was smooth as well, even at extreme settings. It didn't exhibit the "seasick" sound or pumping I've experinced with footpedal compressors. Overall I was really impressed. Makes me want to try the 400+, though they're hard to find in my area.

    On a somewhat related note last weekend I played an outdoor festival. The backline rig was a GK head into a Mesa cab with a 1x15" surrounded by 4X10" drivers. The setup sounded full and projected well, which was good because the PA didn't have any subs.
  2. I just recently bought a Venture600 2X10--> I didn't believe the store owner that it had enough balls and bottom end to work in my situation, he offered it to me to try with my band for one nite and after our set my band loved it. I'm playing Musicman Stingrays Pick style through it and right away when I plugged my bass in I knew I found the combo Amp I have been looking for but Damn this sucka weighs 112lbs!

    its very versitile though and has a good 5yr warranty with a dealer only a few blocks from my house. instead of messing around with the parametric EQ all the time I checked out one of a bunch of recomended factory settings in the manual "round bass and high tone" and tried that and it worked for me and everyone who hears it says it sounds better than my recent rig of a GK400RB and Ampeg classic 4X10 & 1X15 cabs (live it was only the 4X10) just in clarity alone (I'm replacing the head and keeping the cabs for bigger shows).
    I don't use the foot switchs but pretty much leave it where its set. you cannot tell it has only 2X10" speakers it has so much bottom coming out.

    theres alot of competition out there with all these bass amps but this is among the winners in my book! latah Ted/Boston