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Played around with a Hamer 12-stringer today.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Slaphappy, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. Went to GC and they have a black Hamer 12 string bass for about $900.00. It's active, and had no battery in it :rolleyes: After they got me 'wired' I grabbed a pick and tried it out.

    THICK! Man, those two octave strings really give you that wall of sound! Don't need no stinking keyboardist! Hell, we don't even need a guitarist! :D It's kind of neat, and sounds very cool, but it's a pain to hold down that many strings and play cleanly. It would take some adjustments physically, and I think you'd want to play much more simple lines on it...some of my favorite Rocco Prestia lines sounded pretty interesting coming out of this thing ;)

    Overall, I could see some nice potential for a bass like this if you're willing to approach it differently...it really does give a unique sound, more so than octave effects can do. Much more 'real' and organic. But there are downsides; kind of girthy, tuning, re-stringing and setup can all be big fun indeed, and according to the guy at GC (for what it's worth) he said they had experienced some problems with electronics with these Hamers; consider the source and take that as you will.

    The bottom line; I had fun :) This is the kind of instrument that can just GIVE you new song ideas.

    Dan's MP3 site; have a listen :)
  2. Are ya goin' to buy it?

    Get ready for some serious blisters B4 the calouses take shape on your fingers!
  3. No, no. Just wanted to post my thoughts for the curious :)
  4. how thick is the neck? is it similar to a 5 stringer's?
  5. I played Tom Peterson's Hamer 12 string many years ago when Cheap Trick was still in their heyday.

    That neck was a monster, and he had very strong arms because of it! Surprisingly, it wasn't that wide, but it was very chunky. Paul Hamer made it himself - we're talkin late 70's.
  6. It's a pretty decent log...but the bass is really pretty playable. The thickness of the neck coupled with all those strings does make for a tougher challenge than a normal four, that's true.
  7. gweimer


    Apr 6, 2000
    Columbus, OH
    I played it at the NAMM show that year. I thought the real trick was holding down all strings at the same time, but the tension wasn't too bad. For those who haven't seen my comments about this at the FDP, this bass is strictly pop/rock in my book. Too wide open for the kind of tightness needed in blues/funk, and restrictive for some kinds of speed playing seen in jazz/fusion, etc. This is a picking bass all the way.

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