played the MIM fender 70's jazz bass today

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  1. Saw it hanging at sam ash in sunburst and it just looked great. The back of the neck had a heavy lacquery finish to it and the inlays on the rosewood were classy as hell. Didnt fire it up through an amp because i was in a rush but just by playing it, i realized Acoustically, it had a very nice resonance to it, and it was one of the rare sam ash occasions where an instrument is even set up properly.

    Gotta say it was very tempting...even though i already own an MIM fender...i would say just strictly from a playability and finish standpoint, it was a grade A instrument, i would say on par with the MIJ reissues which share common features to this fender line (like the bullet truss rod adjustment at the headstock).

    Anyway, for 700 bucks, seems like a sweet deal...
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    BP rated this bass the best new product of the year. I have several students who have them, and they're all very happy with their basses, and they do seem to play very well. If I didn't already have an Ibanez Jazz Lawsuit bass in maple I might be tempted... ;)
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    I really want one right now... and probably will end up buying her. I just have too many basses and hardly any gigs!