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SOLD Player’s grade Peavey T-40 bass, $500 SHIPPED

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by EpicSoundtracks, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. EpicSoundtracks


    Mar 10, 2006
    Oakland, CA
    Lollar Pickups, Dunlop Strings
    Just finished assembling this from parts I've accumulated. 1980 maple neck on black body, year unknown.

    Neck has had the truss over-tightened and has split at the heel. This is pretty common with T40 necks. Even though it appears stable and hasn't gotten worse, I filled the gap with Titebond and clamped. It won't get any worse and is perfectly functional. Truss rod is pretty much at the end of its travel, but the action is nice and low and the bass plays well.

    Non-original knobs, no truss rod cover, typical cracked pickup bezels, and mostly non-original screws. New output jack and toggle switches. No string tree right now, but i'll install or fab one. If you don't care about this stuff, great! This is the bass for you. Collectors should look elsewhere.

    I need to get $500 out of this. I could get more if I parted it out, but I'd rather send a complete instrument out into the world so someone can play it. Will knock off $50 for a local (Bay Area) sale.

    Trade offers welcome, I especially like Japanese basses and '70s/'80s Peaveys (4-strings only). Also GK amps. But try me.


    IMG-4558. IMG-4559.JPG IMG-4561.JPG IMG-4562.JPG IMG-4563.JPG

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