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  1. I think it's neat to hear how people started playing and how their genre likeness changed overtime. Here's mine:

    I started actually listening to music at age 8. My neighbors always had guitars and I kinda looked up to them. (which is funny because of these neighbors, long after not living near each other, stole my very first acoustic guitar)
    I started listening to what they listened to. Metallica and Jimi Hendrix. (Metallica... I know) from Metallica I started listening to Alice in Chains. This got me into the whole "grunge" scene. Unfortunate, yes. I was then in a "punk band". We were a three piece, 2 guitars and drums.. We realized the unbalance and I converted to bass guitar.. This is when I first started playing bass. (Even though before I could afford one I used my guitar and octave pedal, which sounded awful). I really enjoyed the blues influence in Jerry Cantrell's playing (Alice in Chains), and I got into some more blues rock. I really liked The Black Keys. I went to a concert a fee years ago and a band opened up for them called The Morning Benders (now named"POP ETC".) They had a kinda hipster sound, but they used these beautiful stacked chords that I have never bothered to hear before.. I loved the sound of these beautiful harmonies, and that is what introduced me to jazz. When I started listening to jazz, I also started studying theory on my own. Then, in my senior year of highschool, I was talked into joining choir because I heard the director had a very theoretical approach. From there, I got into classical singing and opera (my favorite now) and from there, classical instrumental music. Especially romantic era composers.
    Anyways, if you actually read my boring story, that's how I went from Metallica at age 9 to classical at age 19.

    Please tell me some of your adventures: doesn't have to be quite as detailed as my own. Just bored :)
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    Mar 29, 2012
    I grew up in my hippie parents house listening to the Animals, Eagles, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac.. amazing pop music at the time but now we call it "classic rock"

    As soon as I could choose for myself, it was the '80s and hair bands and pop metal were all the scene. I played bass in a couple bands in high school and we covered Metallica too! And Van Halen and a bunch of other terrible hair bands.

    When I got to college I pretty much stopped playing bass. My bass had been stolen and I was inspired by my roommate who would sit around for hours finger-picking his acoustic; he taught me a few chords. For about 10 years I played mostly acoustic guitar. Some of any blues, pop or rock genre songs, and lots of "classic rock".

    Then 2 years ago, I got divorced and had lots of time on my hands. She took her basses with her and I immediately went to buy a replacement... quite out of spite, I think.

    This will sound crazy.. but at 35 or so, this is when I discovered Jaco and Stanley Clarke. And Prog/Fusion Jazz. I had my mind blown. So at this point I dove into jazz fusion and some of the standards too.

    Now I play all the time, more on bass and guitar both than I ever have. I'm in a cover band again for the first time in 20 years, and we're writing songs too. We cover ... the same kind of classic rock tunes. But the basslines I write for originals come from all of that - metal, rock, hair bands, jazz, fusion, and classic rock.