Playing bass in a humid atmosphere

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  1. Hello all

    Have a quick question, hoping someone may have experience of this (well, I don't, as it may be damaging, you know what I mean!)

    Last night, myself and my band rehearsed in an incredibly hot studio as the air con had broken. The weather in the UK is pretty tasty at the moment, so as a result the temperature in the studio was immense, and the air was incredibly moist(puddles were even forming on the floor)

    A few hours into the session, I noticed my output was very crackly, despite being fine all the way through, before cutting out entirely. I tried all different leads, a new head and a new cab, and all I could get was a very weak, completely bass-less and quite tone. I tried a different bass and it worked fine.

    Could it be possible that the humidity in the air got to the pickups and one of them died on me? (I used a Tanglewood Rebel-4A, running through a Digitech 200BP effects pedal). Oddly enough, I put the bass back in the case to cool down/dry off, tried in about 20 minutes later and it seemed to work fine. However, don't really want it cutting out again if I happen to play in a hot venue.

    Has this happened to anyone else before?

    Cheers in advance
  2. Strange ...
    the place where we rehearse weekly is a damp concrete bunkerlike structure (we don't have the luxury of an airco) ... no airing 'cause now windows ... we always joke that we are training to play in Manilla.
    Anyway, just telling you this so you know we have our fair deal of dampness ;)
    But I've never experienced anything like you described :O
    I hope for you it is just a dying battery with a hick up ...
    If not: no Thrilla in Manilla for you :p
  3. Hah, tell me about it mate!

    I'm not sure, I got back too late last night to test my bass on my usual set up, so I'll try it this evening. I've never had that happen before, just stuck me as odd, and the fact it started working again after leaving it for a few minutes.

    Complete waste of rehearsal though, the two guitarist's strings wouldn't stay in tune for more than 10 minutes at a time because of the heat.