Playing guitar for 40 years and now bass for 1 year.

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    Jun 8, 2019
    Hello there

    I am new to bass and have learned more about guitar in the last year than I have in 40 years of playing. What a learning experience. Now I got a good bass but I am still trying to find my sound. I have a Korg Pandora that has some bass settings as well as a Line6 Bass POD XT Live. I know as bass players we need compression and a little overdrive and maybe some boost on occasion. My guitar player just got a BBE Boosta Grande which we saw at "The Iron Maidens" show a month ago. We had the meet & greet tickets so the first thing he asked her was what boost she used since we heard the difference when she stepped on it during the show. I am not finding a whole lot of bass boost online and I still play guitar so I am thinking this is the pedal for me too. I welcome any thoughts on this. What do es anyone else use? hii9albrbwbnv882kenq.jpg 34339932_10211110382105700_918132530345934848_n.jpg
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    Welcome to TalkBass!!!!!!

    First off, it would help to know your tone goals. What kind if bass tone do you like? Or, better yet, is there a bass player/recording you want to sound like?

    There is nothing you are "supposed to have". Just like with guitar, you use only the tools you need to get the job done. Many here do just fine with a bass, cable and amp. Some have incredible pedal collections. And there are all points in between.

    By the way, that red and black Aria is pretty rad. Love it.
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    Jun 8, 2019
    Thanks. I have been looking for one for a year. This came in this week from Moscow. No case either so I am desperately looking for a case. I will even take a gig bag. As far as sound goes it depends on if I am at home or practice. I need metal with punch at home and pop rock bar playing band player sound away from home.