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Playing with SUBS

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by rbonner, May 8, 2010.

  1. rbonner


    Sep 25, 2008
    I had discussed messing with large sub woofers six months ago or more, free $$$ has kept me from performing my experiments. However in the last 24 hours since I have my amps all out of the rack I decided to rig up some gear and try the concept out.

    Some of you guys have been playing with 2 and three way cabs with some great results and I had been wanting to play with large dedicated cabs looking for a higher performance result.

    So last night I hooked up one of my 4PRO's and an SVP1600 each to a dedicated SVT-215's. I was going to use an 810 and a 215 but the 215's were next to each other on a wall, so I thought we'd just start with them.

    The 4PRO has an adjustable electronic crossover in its preamp so I was all set for my first experiment.

    I ran the low output to the SVP and the closest 215 to where I would be testing and the SVT to the other.

    I played a few notes and then pulled the high output speaker. Just like you would expect, the fundamental was thumping away on the first cab. I turned it up and it got very loud, it also farted out the speakers at extreme volume.

    I twisted the X-over control around and could get it to only handle the B-String, or a bit more for the fundamental on the D (I'm four string B-E-A-D) If I wound it all the way over it just sounded like a 4PRO to a 215.

    It seems to sound the best with the D still coming out of the low cab. I then hooked up the high cab and discoed the low cab. Very thin sounding. I could probably EQ the high cab and play bass but it is VERY OBVIOUS the fundamental is missing.

    This is something that all the recording tests didn't verify. While it was still obvious a Low B was a low B the signal was plain anemic. The second harmonic is probably being reduced when the X-Over is adjusted for the D to come through also.

    Then I hooked the two up and played at low practice volume. I even turned on the low boost and the amp sounded super duper.

    With the volume up to crank with both amps, its obvious I run out of excursion on the low 215 cab.

    This same volume running both full range I can play both cabs without farting.

    SO what have I figured out? Just what you guys with a 3015LF and a 6" midrange know. When you put the very lows on the big cone and the highs on the mid, things sound great.

    But with my test setup I can do it at mega volume. the two combine nicely together, but sound like crap separately.

    My next test will be to build a 21" subwoofer setup and run the test with a dedicated higher performance 31HZ sub and the 810 cab.

    What I am expecting is the 810 will handle the 2nd harmonics and up of the strings for the most part and the sub will handle the fundamentals.

    Since I'm not pushing the subs to try and reproduce the 2nd and uppers its signal should be cleaner and since I'm not pushing the fundamentals through the 810's they should also respond cleaner than if they were trying to reproduce 31-100 or so HZ.

    So far the test is succesfull. I need to get into a larger test space as I can only make about 5 minutes of noise a day at these volumes.

    Comments, ideas? BOB

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