Playing without a drummer!

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  1. I play bass for my church and lately I have come to realize I stink when playing without a drummer! Our drummer occasionally is not there and when he is gone I'm lost as to what to play. If it is an old, fast tempo, hymn I can do the root-fifth thing and sort of provide a rythmic feel but other than that I sound pretty stupid. Any suggestions?

    P.S. Slapping is not an option! :")
  2. LeonD

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    Is the problem figuring out a rhythm / groove or keeping time?

  3. Time is not the problem.

    The problem is not having anything to play off of.
    With out the drums I can't seem to establish a groove. I can hear a beat in my head and I'm playing in time but I can't seem to keep things moving.

    For slow songs it's not a problem because I just pad the cords and use a passing tone here and there.