Playstation 2

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  1. Comes with 40 + games, 2 controllers, and 2 memory cards. Will consider trades for bass gear. Also accepting cash offers.
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    Can you PM a list of games or post here?

    Also, which version is it (Model number)?
  3. ATV Off Road Fury 2
    Champions Norrath
    Cookie & Cream
    Dark Cloud
    Dark Cloud 2
    Dark Alliance
    Dark Alliance II
    Devil May Cry
    Devil May Cry 2
    Deus Ex: THe Conspiracy
    Fifa 2001
    Final Fantasy X
    Fire Warrior
    Gran Turismo 3
    Legion:The Legen of Excalibur
    Madden 2003
    Metal Gear Solid 2
    Metal Wars:Glitch In The System
    Mortal Combat Deadly Alliance
    No One Lives Forever
    Samarai Warriors
    Silent Scope 2
    Sky Oddssey
    Sled Storm
    SoCom II
    SSX Big
    SSX Tricky
    Star Wars Super Bombad Racing
    Star Wars Starfighter
    Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
    Tenchu 2
    The Lord of the Rings:The Return of the King
    The Mark of Kri
    Wolverine's Revenge

    This is 40 of them. I have a few more loaned out, but I can't think of the titles at the top of my head.

    Model # SCPH-39001
  4. Bump...all offers considered. Unit works great, I just have no need for it.

    Would really like an amp or preamp.

    Over $2000 in games alone, can be purchased for a fraction of that !
  5. A mear fraction that is!! Or, a used head, preamp.
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    PM sent
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  8. SOLD