Please buy this... (Warwick)

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  1. Hi!
    I have a Warwick Thumb BO 5'er that I need to sell. NEED TO!!! Help a guy out :( It's stock standard, no mods apart from the schaller straplocks put on. Ovangkol neck & body, wenge f/board, mec j-pups. Very good condition, 9/10, it's a 2002 model.I don't have pics as I don't have a camera, but i'll try to work something out. I'm hoping for around $2200 (AUS), but make me a reasonable offer... Need to sell to buy jcburns' n/t thumb. Thanks and a jellybean :hyper:

  2. To page one... Interested in Spector Euro 5 trade.
  3. And pics...