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Please compare 1x10 versus 2x8 versus 4x6

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by doublestop, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. OK, I'm ready to make my stack.

    I have a nice 1x12 (Aggie GS112). Gives lows that are so nice! Now I want to add a 2nd cab with a little more clarity and mids. I'm ready to buy or build myself. And...it is no problem if it´s not mainsteam :)

    My options: 1x10, 2x8 and 4x6.

    Please compare in terms of

    * tone (will it be a nice complement to the 1x12? What sort of tone to expect ?)

    * volume (can it keep up with the 1x12? will it overpower the 1x12 ?)

    THANKS A BUNCH :bassist: :)
  2. I dont have any experience, but Ive heard lots of good things about Low Down Sound's custom cabs. I know Ive seen both a 1x10 and 2x8 from them. I havent seen a 4x6 anywhere though. Epifani also makes a nice lightweight 1x10.
  3. Is there such a cab or are you considering building this configuration? I once had an older Bose 901(IIRC); 8x5 1/2 w/a weird little homemade-looking crossover. It sat on top of a Sunn Colleseum 300/Peavey 2x15. The extra cab pushing high-end stuff, up near ear-level, was very nice. Added a lot of clarity to the big ol' 15's boom.
  4. I consider building it myself.
  5. 4x6 = PJB
  6. If you are building it yourself, that is fine, but typically anything smaller than an 8" speaker is considered a mid range driver...dunno how well your bass will sound through such a small speaker.