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Please help: Guitar multi-effects pedal through a bass rig

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Thunderbroom, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. Thunderbroom


    May 7, 2002
    I'm hoping you guy can give me an idea given the situation. I've posted this on a guitar effects forum and received zero responses.

    Here's the deal. I'm upgrading my current rig from an Ampeg BA115 combo to the following:

    Sansamp RBI (pre amp)
    Yamaha CP2000 (power amp)
    Avatar B210 Bass Cab
    Avatar B115 Bass Cab

    Now for my dilemma:
    I'd like to be able to use this rig to occasionally play guitar (not in a gigging situation, but more for practicing/writing). I'm looking for a decent multieffects processor that I can feed the power amp with to accomplish my goal.

    I've considered the Sansamp PSA-1, as it does guitar and bass; however, it doesn't have a mid control which I want.

    So...can ya help a brother out?

  2. bassackwards

    bassackwards Member

    Dec 16, 2002
    If it's just for practice and/or writing, you should just get one of the many new little guitar combo amps with built in effects. The new little Roland Cube30 sounds real good. I have the Cube15 and it's like having 4 built-in BOSS distortion pedals. I use that amp at work (I have a graveyard shift job where I play at work all the time) with a little ZOOM 506II and it sounds real good for what it is. At home I use a Tech21 Trademark10. The trademark10 is the best sounding most reliable little guitar combo and records amazingly through the XLR direct into the mixer. I swear you can't tell it from a miked full stack when set right. Not the greatest for real clean sounds, but the Roland Cube 15 has really good clean sound for such a small amp. I get all the guitar sounds I want between those 2 amps and since I only use guitar for recording, it's good enough for me.The Trademark10 also has an effects loop you can put whatever you want in. Don't go tainting you bass rig with guitar stuff;) .
  3. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    You should consider the new Behringer bass V-amp. This has loads of bass amp models, and a healthy dose of guitar, acoustic and keyboard amp models, plus fx galore. You could use this as your preamp. And it's abou half the price of the Bod (bass pod)

    PS, and it's very shiny :cool:

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