Please Help. I can't find the right pickup screws for my bass.

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    Nov 3, 2003
    I have a Yamaha TRBX174 which is an inexpensive, passive PJ bass. Apparently the pickup screws are an unusual metric size wood screw, and they do not have replacements at the music shop or at the hardware store. I called Yamaha and they said the measurements of the screws are 2.6mm x 35mm. They said it would take a month to order them from Japan so they suggested I buy them from Stew Mac or Allparts. Neither of them carry screws in that size. Does any of this make sense? I'm not changing the pickups (yet) but I do want to swap out all of the screws because they're rusting and I've semi-stripped a couple of them. Any advice?
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    Try a 4-40 x 1 3/8" (or 1 1/4") long Socket Head Cap Screw. This a machine screw, 40 threads per inch, but it will easily thread down into the wood and hold tight. It's socket head, which means you turn it with a 3/32" Allen wrench. You'll never strip it out or snap it off. Much stronger metal than a wood screw. Very neat looking and permanent; I use them for the pickup mounting screws on all the basses I build.

    They should be available at most any hardware store. You can get them in black coated steel or stainless steel. You can buff up the heads of the stainless screws, and they will look like chrome. And they'll never chip or rust.

    These are a little shorter, 4-40 x 1", because my pickup uses a bottom base plate, but you get the idea.

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    Order them from Yamaha and wait a month.
    1) You're situation doesn't seem like it's a "gotta have them now" kind of deal
    2) You know you will be getting the right screws

    Or keeping looking online. Have you tried Warmoth? Guitarfetish?

    Check these out, supposed to fit most bass pickups, no dimensions given so you would have to email and ask
    *NEW 20 Bass Guitar Pickup MOUNTING SCREWS + SPRINGS Fits Precision P Bass Jazz

    Or check here:
    Scroll to bottom of the page and will automatically load up more products. And it will keep doing that, they have a ton of screws.
    Screws & Nuts - Page 1 - Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies, LLC
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