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Please Help Identify This Song

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by Boplicity, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    During the Olympic ice dancing finals, the American couple performed to a wonderful song I must have. The announcer said the name unclearly and did not name the artist. The name given was something like "Paris SideWalks" or "Paris Pathways" or "Parisian Sidewalks", etc....maybe "Parisian Streets."

    The artist was a wonderful guitarist who had tones and style similar to Carlos Santana, but it could have also been such players as Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ronnie Earle, Luther Allison and Steve Morse.

    I checked at AllMusicGuide.com for all these artists, their album contents and also ran a check of song titles and came up blank.

    If anyone heard the music or has any clue what song I am talking about, please help me out. I thought the song was very expressive, along the lines of Santana's "Europa" and at least that long.
  2. sounds like "Parisian Walkways".
    if it's the original version, Gary Moore was the guitarist, with Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) on vocals.
  3. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    I bet you're right!! The guitarist could very well be Moore. The style was about right. I'm going to check Amazon.com now and see if I can find it. (Maybe I'd better check my own CDs first. I have several of Moore's albums. He is one of my favorites.)

    Thank you so much for responding so rapidly. I really appreciate it as the song hooked me immediately, plus the skaters weren't too shabby either. :)
  4. He's right!
  5. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    Xavier, you are right! Mock Turtle is right! I just went to Amazon.com and found the song on Moore's "Blues and Ballads." I listened to the sound sample and that is the very song the skaters performed to. I'm really happy because Amazon has the album on sale.
  6. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    Well, guess what! Turns out I actually have "Parisienne Walkways" with Phil Linott on vocals on the Gary Moore album "Gary Moore: Blues Live." In fact, I am listening to it even as i type.

    That saves the wait to order one and the money for another album, although I must say the list on songs on "Blues and Ballads" looks pretty interesting. I might acquire it some day (further on up the road.) ;)
  7. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000
    the album is called Blues Alive (not Live :))

    Phil Lynott is not mentioned in the sleeve, are you sure he was still walking the earth when this was recorded(82?)?
  8. Phil Lynott died in 1986.
    the studio version of Parisian walkways was released in 1979.
    It's variously listed as either Thin Lizzy or as Phil Lynott & Gary Moore.
    it sounds like Lynott's bass (P bass with flats + pick, maybe some chorus).

    Gary Moore was on the cover of the first guitar magazine I bought- Guitarist, March 1992, from an ad in which I ordered my first bass....ahhhh, memories...
  9. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    Air Leech, the back cover of my CD (which is "Blues Alive" as you correctly mention), lists Gary Moore and Phil Lynott which I took at first glance to mean
    Lynott was the singer. Closer inspection reveals this is actually information about the writers of the song.

    The booklet inside the CD package has photos and some excruciatingly tiny print that states among other things that the music on the CD was recorded at some concert venues in 1982.

    I can't find any credit given anywhere as to who did the actual singing on the song. That kind of sucks, doesn't it! I assumed it was Lynott, but have no solid evidence to suggest that it actually is on this particular CD.

    There is a picture of someone with a P-Bass in the photos, but no tagline identifies the bassist as Lynott or someone else. He has long hair held back in a pony tail.
  10. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000
    at last page of the booklet you'll see a list of the guys who played on that cd.

    the bassist is Andy Pyle.

    they mention only Albert Collins as a guest appearence (on the song Too Tired).

    I'm pretty sure Phil didnt participate in the making of this CD and I also think he wasnt quite friends with Gary after he quit the band to pursue a solo career, though I could be wrong.
  11. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    Yup, I think the bassist in the photo is definitly not Lynott unless he had underwent plastic surgery, dyed and straightened his hair. So it may be Pyle as you say. The print was so small I just couldn't read it. (As usual I had misplaced my magnifying glass which was sorely needed.)

    Anyhow, we still don't know who actually sang on the "Blues Alive" rendition of "Parisienne Walkways."

    It almost seems certain it wasn't Lynott, because, intrigued by all this, I visited a few web sites that had his biography. It seems he was very much into a solo career in 1982. He and Moore had only one brief reunion before his tragic demise.
  12. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000
    listen to Cold Day in Hell and then to Parisienne Walkways, its definetly Gary singing in there.

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