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Please help me decide between these two combos

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by RMosack, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. 1) Ashdown Electric Blue 210 150: This is the disontinued 2x10" with tweeter version of the 150 watt EB series. It was the last run of the made in Britain Ashdowns.

    2) Ashdown MAG C210T 300: This is the new 2x10" with tweeter 307 watt model in the MAG series. These are now made in China.

    Although there are indeed some differences between the MAG and Electric Blues series, they share many features. The control panels are nearly identical. The obvious difference is the little VU meter is actual on the MAG, but simulated (series of LEDs on the Elec. Blue). Also, the MAGs have considerably more wattage. Both lines are now made in China, but the MAG I'm eyeing was made in Britain.

    For these two, there are many similarities:
    - active/passive inputs
    - deep and bright switches
    - 5 band rotary EQs
    - FX loops
    - similar speaker arrays
    - DI outs

    For these two, there are also two big differences.
    1) EB was made in U.K. while new MAG is made in China.
    2) MAG is 307 watts while Electric Blue is 150 watts.

    I like the idea of made in Britain vs. made in China - especially since there's so little history with the new Chinese Ashdowns. On the other hand, 307 watts is definitely better than 150. Still, given the drummer and guitar players I play with, I'm fairly convinced that a 150 watt Ashdown would be enough 90% of the time anyway (while the PA would pick up the slack when needed).

    Is the fact that the EB was the last of the British made run enough to compensate for some of the upgrades that the higher end MAG series offers?

    Any recommendations from the experts here?
  2. Anyone?

    (The above was a cheap ploy to get the thread back to the top of the page. :D )
  3. I love my MAG, but it was made in England not China so I cant help on that side of things. What I can say is that I did try a 180 W EB and I found it to be very quiet compared to other amps around that wattage. I went or the MAG because you can never have too much power but you can always have to little!

    I would hope that, Ashdown being a very good company and all, the amp being made in China wouldn’t make any difference to the quality. I could be wrong though. :bag:
  4. "I found it to be very quiet compared to other amps around that wattage."
    By quiet, I assume you mean not noisy as opposed to not enough volume.

    In general, since you've played both, do the MAG and EB have the same sound? Thus, the only real difference is wattage and cosmetics?
  5. OK, well I have had a lot more time to mess around with the MAG, but both had a very smooth sound, great for jazz or R&B. By quiet what I meant was actually quiet. I found it just didn’t put out that much compared to the others I tryed at the shop (Laney's Marshall’s etc). For that reason I choose the MAG as I have my doubts whether the EB could cut through in a gig situation.
  6. If they are similar costs, then go with the MAG. You get more watts for your money. Noting wrong with Ashdown now that they're built in China - at least there should be no reason that there are quality issues.....(Although my EB combo and my ABM gear is all UK built - when I bought it, it all was!!)
  7. dave_bass5


    May 28, 2004
    London, UK.
    I used to have a EB-150 and got rid of it after it started to distort badly. it was the pre amp that had gone wrong, i got it changed and the second one went dead on me at a gig. these were both made in uk. i now have a uk made MAG c-115 and so far no problems (got it new years eve and went streight to a gig with it)
  8. Thanks for the replies, especially the clarification of "quiet". Looks like the MAG is the way to go. :hyper: