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  1. ok, heres the score.

    I own a 120watt amp.

    The guitarists have a 30Watt and 40Watt amp.

    The singer might be able to get a loan of a 100Watt p.a.

    The question is...

    1: can all of us run our guitars though our own amps then through the p.a.?

    2: the hall we're playing in is about the size of 1 and a half basketball courts. What size of p.a. do we need if our own amps are too small for a room that big?

    please, treat me like a complete idiot because when it comes to all this kinda stuff i really am. I dont have the slightest clue about how to set up a gig or how powerful everything should be, so treat me like a 5 year old and run through everything very very carefully as if i know nothing at all. Thanx.
  2. Well that's a decent size hall. Using the info you've provided I'd suggest you rent a decent size PA and get a soundman if you can afford it. That way you can run everything including the drums through the PA. Your amps won't be able to do it alone in that big of a room. They should do the job of being stage monitors though for you and your guitarists.
  3. ok,

    whats a decent sized (affordable) p.a.?

    what are stage monitors?

    why do I need a sound man and is he worth the money?
  4. There must be a company that rents sound equipment in your area. Ask around at your local music store or look in the telephone listings. Talk to them and tell them your situation. They will recommend a certain size system and quote you a rental price. Unless you've had expience setting up a PA, miking amps/drums and adjusting the sound to fit the room a soundman is a wise investment. Usually sound companys can provide a soundman as part of the deal for more cash.

    When you run everything through a PA, the audience will hear the music through the PA and your amps will be used so you can hear yourself on stage only. You use them to monitor your bass sound on stage. Get it?
  5. thanks, ill try get that sorted.
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    PA 1000 watts minimum.