Please help me, I need a new bass, but which 1?

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  1. I own a tanglewood warrior two, which was my first bass, frankly its pants. I play metal with my band and play both fingerstyle and with a pick. The problem is I am looking to buy a new bass in the $600-$900 price range. In our set i play some distorted solos an stuff with an ibanez pd7 pedal so I need a bass which will allow ppl to hear the clarity of the notes. I was thinkin about an ESP LTD F series 204 or an ibanez EDA 900. Anybody have any suggestions, please help! lol :bassist:
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    Im a sock

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    The ESP and Ibanez are definatly worth checking out, but don't forget the used market. You can get some pretty high end basses for $600-$900 used, if you look hard enough. On a similar note, see if you can check out a used Peavey Cirrus. I used one in a metal band for quite a while, and it sounded very good. Also G&L make some pretty meaty basses. And if you don't mind the shape, check out a B.C. Rich.
  3. cheers, I was actually thinkin about a b.c rich but heard some dodgy reveiws bout them, but ill keeo ur suggestions in mind, thanks alot :D
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    Here we go again..WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE;)
  5. Take it by 'another one' u mean another 'which bass should i buy thread', lol yeh sorry bout that im kinda new to the whole talk bass thing! shudda used the search facility first but hey