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Please Help My Poor Amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by theydolph, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. theydolph

    theydolph Guest

    Oct 26, 2002
    I recently got a Yorkville Bassmaster 200 combo from ebay, when I first got the amp I plugged in and everything was fine, the problem now is that sometimes when I turn it on nothing happens, other times it will sound fine and then all of a sudden start crackling and breaking up and then I lose the sound. Also when I unscrew the head part of the amp and wiggle it around the sound will sometimes come back which leads me to belive that it is probably something really simple which drives me crazy. Has anyone had similar problems or maybe knows what the problem is? I would hate to have to trash this amp that I just got.
    Oh, and also I do not have a warranty on this amp as I bought it from ebay used.
  2. When you sometimes turn it on and nothing happens, does the Power on light come on or not? If the power on light does come on, is there any sound at all (hiss) coming from the speaker? It could just be a loose speaker connection.
  3. theydolph

    theydolph Guest

    Oct 26, 2002
    The "on" light always comes on, and when the sound goes you can't hear anything, plus I don't think its the speaker connections because my headphones won't work either. But what really gets me is that I will be playing and everything will be fine and then CRACKLE, CRACKLE, fade, no sound.
  4. jappy


    Nov 22, 2002
    he's right. The vibrations from your amp (i'm assuming it's a combo) could be shaking them looser and looser everytime you play.
  5. theydolph

    theydolph Guest

    Oct 26, 2002
    I looked at the connections and they seemed fine, plus my headphones, which overide the speaker, won't work in it either.

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