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    Jul 28, 2006
    hey i played a show tonight and things went kinda badly with my fx loop. Okay get this, i have a markbass LM2.... and im running 2 pedals through the fx loop. And for some reason it wasnt wetting my tone with the fx.... but here the weird thing. My zoom b2 was getting the signal for tuning when it was bypassed.... but not getting fx when it was active... and it was second in the line. I even changed my battery on the big muff (the other pedal).

    SOOO im confused cause it works fine at practice the other day and always and this is the second show its crapped out :S.

    Just for my own sake of getting it perfectly right.. fx send output goes into the input of my first pedal.. then thats chained to the other pedal then the output of the last pedal goes to the fx return.

    I swapped both ways... i tried EVERTYHING.... im not gonna be as lucky for time to switch it back and fourth trying to get it to work just to ditch my pedals for the show tommorw. PLEASE HELP :D
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    Someone else can correct me if I'm off base here, but in general the effects loop of an amp is for line level effects and stompboxes are instrument level effects. Try simply running your cable from your bass to your effects to your head's input.
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    Well, first thing to try is putting the pedals in series between the bass and the amp, which 90% of the time is the correct way to use pedals. The fx loop is generally intended for line-level processors, which are often rackmount. Note that what I'm describing is not always right in every case, but I would say again it's right about 9 times out of 10. Edit: BigO beat me to this point. :)

    Now, I realize that wouldn't explain why the loop would work fine for you at practice, yet fail on the gig. So we also have to figure out how those circumstances are different. Is there anything, no matter how small, that is different about the way you wire your rig between practice and the gigs? Did you use a different cable, or batteries instead of an adapter, or plus/minus one of your pedals, or a different arrangement of pedal order, or anything at all? Was your rig plugged into a particular type of power strip either time? What about a DI, was there a house-provided DI at the gigs, and if so what type and where was it in the chain?