please i need input..would a ART Dual Tube as a bass pre-amp

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  1. i was wondering if one of these would do as a bass pre-amp...they have a gain control, so would this be sufficiant enough of a volume control/boost...

    ART Dual Tube E.Q., 4 band per side with 2 x sweepable mids, ideal for mastering/ adding true valve warmth to recordings, superb quality, ex display, RRP $1399, one only for sale at $699!! thats australian..
    any coments very needed, thank you
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    Should work ok. Input impedence is spec'd at 1 MOhm for the 1/4" jack.
  3. i just rang the shop who are selling it and they said it wouldn't have enough volume boost to run as a pre amp, so there goes that idea?
    thanks for your reply