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please post your dpcustom bass pics.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by FatFunker, Oct 3, 2001.

  1. I don't know if these things are to good to be true or what, frankly I don't care I will be ordering one very shortly the probleme is I am a very lazy bastard and instead of me researching all the different woods and electronics please let me know what you guys think I should get, I am looking for a punchy sounding bass ( I love to slap) after that I realy am not to picky I have 3 other basses that I like so I won't be heart broken or broke if this bass is not exactly what I was looking for. But for the price I would be stupid not to get one. If you have gotten one of these basses please post a pic and let me know how you like it, for no other reason than I may want to steal a few ideas. When I do get the bass I will post some pics and let you know How I Like it. Thanks fellow funkers:D

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