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Please rate my lesson plan

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Tehdouglas, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Tehdouglas


    Feb 10, 2006
    Well I've been playing Bass for a little over 2 months now and I do believe I've come a far way, however I think I need to start getting organized in my practice methods. Unfourtunetly, I won't be able to get a teacher until around June, so I would appreciate if you could give me some opinions/add to this lesson plan. I currently do not have a job and I'm a Junior in highschool, so I have quite a few hours of free time afterschool (homework only takes me like two hours usually so I have plenty of time to practice). I'm dedicated to playing but I just feel like I need to have some instructions to get better. So heres what I have:

    1) Four finger accuracy (~20minutes w/ metronome)
    This is a lesson I picked up off of activebass that is a sequence of exercises where you play the notes in a series and change it each time. Its kind of hard to explain, so just think of it as time spent on accuracy and concentrating on playing with as little tension as possible (something I need to work on).

    2) Learning the neck (20-30minutes w/ metronome)
    Playing various patterns while naming the note played. I want to know what every note is on the fretboard. I know a good deal already however I hope with this practice I will be able to find notes as easy as possible.

    3) Theory Application (No real time, ~30 minutes maybe?)
    This is spent learning and applying musical theory to the bass. I have done some studying on such things as the theory I found on this website however this time is spent appyling it to the bass and getting a full knowledge of it all. This is also spent reading Musical intonation.

    4) Scales + Accuracy (~30minutes w/ metronome or Drumb Beat)
    This is spent practicing various scales and other exercises. I'll use Drum beats more often to add some rythm to the scales.

    5) Song practice
    For practicing songs I know, this I'll probably do last as its the fun part lol. No real limit or anything, just play some songs as best as I can to help get better of course.

    6) New songs
    I hope to learn atleast 3 new songs a week, nothing special to be said here.

    7) Slapping and Popping (~20 minutes w/ Metronome)
    This is prettymuch #1 and #4 except done with Slapping and Popping (once this blister heals on my thumb ><).

    8) Music Study
    This is similar to practicing songs in its just easy stuff. This is spent really listening to songs and the bass to dig down and understand the bass. This Im going to do with both bands Im familiar with and not, as I hope to really expand my tastes. People like Geddy Lee is a good example of who I want to study.

    Yeah so long read lol :p This probably seems somewhat funny to some of the more advanced players however Im still a new and I want to learn the best I can so please give me your opinions! I'll be starting up this new practice lesson tommorrow and sticking to it (with the exception of any new ideas/changes). Thanks.
  2. BassyVick

    BassyVick Banned

    Jul 3, 2005
    Canton, OH
    Tehdouglas you seem to have a great practice regimen

    Make sure to warm up properly mabye some long tones for a couple
    of minutes

    also make sure you have a very transparent clear sound with the bass when you practice, you dont want to cover up any technical problems you want to fix them so dont be afraid to
    play out in the practice room making mistakes is good that way you can clean up

    alson lean as much about theory and how it relates to the neck
    and listen to not just bass players for ideas saxophone players are great for solo and melodic ideas

    keep up the great work
  3. morf

    morf Banned

    Feb 17, 2006
    I think you should concentrate on learning new songs and practicing them until you know them by heart, and learning the neck. You'll have plenty of time for the rest later and it will be much easier to get better if you have strong knowledge on the principles.
  4. kenlacam


    Nov 8, 2005
    akron, ohio
    I agree-the best way is to learn new songs, because then you will see certain patterns that a lot of songs follow. That's how I started. I began playing in church, learning new songs, and I found that many songs have similiar patterns, so once I grasped the patterns, it became easier for me. Now, 18 years later, (and not playing gospel music anymore) I still like to learn new songs to get a feel for the basslines and where the notes are on the neck
  5. Billy Low

    Billy Low

    Apr 14, 2003
    Sandberg Guitars
    This looks like something for me to emmulate! I am getting back in the saddle after a two year lay off. I need this!

    +1 on the other replys!
  6. Tehdouglas


    Feb 10, 2006
    Ive been at it 3 days now and it seems like a pretty good plan now. I do agree learning songs is definetly ideal, so Im stepping that up on the list and will be sure to learn new songs often. Thanks for the replys, and if you know any other good finger exercises to add in let me know. I tried using some stuff from songs and applying that to different areas of the bass and it seemed to work good; some examples being the beggining of the song "Sweet Child of Mine" by GNR or pieces from "2112" by Rush. Ive found playing in the normal areas and moving down towards the nut is good because its more of a stretch :hyper: