Pleased w/ Avatar sales/service

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jmanyea, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. jmanyea


    Mar 20, 2002
    St. Louis
    I recently ordered an avatar b210 cabinet from Dave at Avatar which he shipped out promptly. I got the cab a few days later. It was packed well and checked out good visually. All components seemed of very high quality, even a tag w/ Eminence logo stating genuine drivers. The build quality of the cab itself was very good and the fostex tweeter looked very chunky. If I had to have one "complaint" it would be that the carpet covering could have been a bit thicker, but I would rather have crucial components be top class, and I'm certainly not going to complain for the price I paid. I was eager to hear it so I hooked it up to my GK800rb and my Steve Harris p-bass. I was immediately impressed by the clarity of the cab, this having been the first cab with a tweeter I've ever owned, and the first with other than 15's. (I know, old skool) Anyway, now for the service issue. After I got over the cool tweeter thing I noticed one of the 10" drivers was sounding great and the other was sounding kind of flabby w/ a kind of rattle in it. I tried to isolate the sound thinking it may be the grill or wires within the cab. A sound engineer friend of mine confirmed that it was a voice coil rubbing, possibly bad quality control on the part of Eminence. I contacted Dave via e-mail expecting to either have to send the entire cab back for replacement or at very least pulling the bad driver out and sending it back, then waiting for a replacement. Dave says he'll send a new 10" right out, no need to send the bad one back. Pretty cool, huh. Try that with Musician's Friend. Anyway, I think that kind of service is kinda rare these days and is worthy of note. If anyone is sitting on the fence of whether or not to take a chance on saving a bunch of $ on Avatar, between the trial period and the good service/ quality product, go for it.